12 weeks down, now lets see how many more to go :o)

So thats it 12 weeks done and it's gone well 26lb lost sine i restarted on January 21st. Over the whole of my journey i've lost a total of 85.4lb which is over 34% of my starting body weight.

However, this time i'm determined to make it a full set and i can hear a healthy BMI calling me so lets see how many more weeks it takes to get to the full set. I need to lose about another 18lb ish to get to a healthy BMI and i'd like to shift a total of 22lb more before i re evaluate whether i'm happy.

Heres hoping the progress continues and good luck to everyone on their journeys :o)


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  • Wow! That is incredible! Well done! I'm sure you will be able to reach your goal if you have got this far. Good luck with the rest of the weight loss.

  • Well done that's a fantastic loss I know myself how hard it is to motivate yourself when you have lost so much because you look and feel better.good luck with the last few pounds

  • Wow, this is amazing! You must be so proud.

    Keep up the fab work x

  • You have done fantastic no reason why you cant get to your goal keep up the good work your amazing and good luck

  • Your weight loss is truely inspiring. Well done! Keep up the good work and soon you will be at your final target.

  • Thankyou :-) i have to confess im a little worried i'll struggle to lose the last bit i know alot of people say the last bit is the hardest :o(

  • No doubt the last bit seems the hardest, but you have done so well so far that you're bound to succeed. Impressive.! Keep going. Look forward to your post saying you've done it.

  • so what exactly r u doing ? healthy eating and excercise?

  • Congratulations :-)

  • Thankyou :-) yep healthy (ish) eating and exercise. I started out what seems like a lifetime ago by just stopping snacking between meals , started walking and using my exercise bike each day and building up what i was able to do. Then as time went on i started to count the calories i was eating & trying to make healthier choices although i very quickly learned that cutting out an occasional treat completely was a recipe for faliure. I increased my exercise bit by bit & now i basically try to stick to eating my 5 a day, allow myself the odd treat if i want and its within my calorie limit and i allow time off for special occasions. I go to the gym strength training atleast 3 times a week or do a dvd strength workout at home, I did the C25K plan last year and try (weather permitting) to run 3 times a week, or if i can't i either use my crosstrainer or do a dvd. The walking is mainly for fun now but i'm out whenever i get chance.

    Basically, generally healthier food & less of it along with more exercise and trying to be good most of the time while accepting i'm human and that i'm allowed to be naughty some times just not all the time ;-)

  • Well done you - I think your last paragraph sums up what we all need to do very nicely.

  • Well done, and good luck, my daughter and I have just joined so hopefully we will be as positive and get as good results as you

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