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Taste and satiation

I started all this on 11th January and have lost about 16 kgs to date - leaving me with about another 10 kgs to go.

I increasingly notice how much the re-training process has altered what I eat and, more particularly, what I want to eat.

I used to be a great chocolate, or chocolate-covered, bar eater and now I really find I just don't fancy them at all, and very especially not in the amounts that I would have polished off with a cup of tea only a few months ago.

I also find that I've re-trained my appetite, so a quite moderate snack or meal leaves me feeling satisfied. I really have left behind the 'super-size' portions and now find I ust don't want to eat huge amounts anymore. (I say 'want' because I'm not sure I could truly argue that I ever really 'needed' that sort of portion).

If anyone had told me that I would change my life-long eating habits in this way, by undertaking this journey, I would never have believed them.

Good luck with your weight loss journeys.

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Yes I know what you mean - I do occasionally eat chocolate - and love it - but can only eat a relatively small amount because I am quickly sated. I also find anything that is readily available - kit kats, mars bars, even dairy milk just too sweet and sickly.

i am also very concsious I somtiems feel like the diet police - when I just look at certain foods and I am quite clear that it is simple not worth the calories - so pass on office cakes and biscuits, anything stodgy does not appeal. But before I sound over virtuous - I am clearly eating more than I need because weight coming off very slowly and I yo yo. Yes I have lost approx a stone since xmas - only to plonk it all back on. So back at week 2 now - and boy did I enjoy the fish and chips I had fri.

Anyway pleased to see you back - you seemed to be absent for a while - but maybe i missed your posts


Hi suzybenj,

The chip shop hasn't seen me since I started this journey. And I plan to keep it that way!

And yet I'd have thought nothing of getting double sausages in batter and chips only a few months ago. Now I think OMG! at the suggestion of eating such a thing.

It goes back to the thing about habits really. It seems to me that so often we want to eat/drink chocolate / fried food / alcohol / cakes or whatever only actually because we DO eat/drink them, because it's what we're used to, because it's what we're in the habit of having.

And I guess the old adage about old habits dying hard doesn't distinguish between 'good' ones and 'bad' ones.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


I found that I soon got used to not having sugar in my drinks and when I had one with a sugar in it was so sweet I couldn't drink it.Its amazing how we can change our taste preference over time.

Well done on the weight loss Doikosp


I concur on it altering what you want to eat, it's almost like the subconscious gets re-programmed, with foods I used to love becoming less attractive and things like Fresh Veg and Fruit which I never ate before becoming delicious, even morish, in fact I would go as far as to say some of these new foods I occasionally crave! I do still have an achilles heel though and mine would be fresh bread and possibly biscuits, so I tend to still put a wide exclusion zone around these :D

My problem is portion sizes, I can still eat if I am not careful a large main meal, all be it a healthy one. The problem is quite often I can let myself get too hungry, more so now I am running regularly amongst other things, so that's something I really need to get a grip of be proactive about!

Congratulations on the continued weight loss Doikosp.


Hi Doikosp,

I knew that you will do it when I read one of your first blogs (conversation with your colleague at office) and I am so glad for you. :)


Hi OlsBean,

I must admit I have become quite strict with myself about the meal-snack-meal-snack type of regime. Going for 4 or more hours without anything just isn't helpful.

I do believe that this makes a lot of difference through not letting my blood sugar go too low and tipping my body into fat storage mode rather than fat burning mode.

For sure, If you go into fat storage mode, it only means that your body will use up more glycogen and it's really no more than a bit of a missed opportunity to burn up a bit of the fat instead.

But, like anything else, if you do that a lot, then the difference mounts up and, if you are able to manage the eating regime in the right way, then the difference mounts up in a positive way.

Of course, some of that is about people's personality and it is easy to convince yourself to drive through with some task or other and not to break off for a snack in mid-task. (As someone who has a tendency to rush around like the metaphorical headless chicken, I know that situation only too well).

And I think slowing down my eating has helped towards controlling my protion sizes. If I do serve up a bit of a generous portion, then by eating it more slowly, I do notice how big it is. Whereas, before I would have just wolfed it all down before it had time to register.

And interestingly, and perhaps bizarrely, getting the eating under control, including the pace of eating, does seem to be having an overall mellowing-out effect on me. Whilst in no way any less motivated (in fact, quite the contrary), I feel a bit less stressed and frantic and a bit more able to cope with my day to day lot.

Though that might be other factors, or even perhaps my imagination!

All the best with maintaining your new weight.


Hi Doikosp,

You have been on an amazing journey and your blogs have also been a real insperation.

Good luck for the 80's


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