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Weigh in!

Well D(iet) day has arrived. I've weighed in this morning and am ashamed to say, over the past two weeks, I've probably gained half the weight I'd previously lost.

I've decided to cut down on the carbs, never ate them that much prior to baby and have a good go at it. Just bought a dress for a summer wedding. I can either wear a cardi with or just not breathe!

This weeks aims: exercise as per yesterday's blog, eat 1200 cals (guide given by MFP), drink water. Lose 2lb.

Happy healthy eating!

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Hi innerslim,

Be careful to keep your diet well balanced and to make sure you're getting the full range of nutrients.

Sometimes cutting down on carbs leads people to have an over-protein diet.

Chefs, who tend to 'graze' whilst preparing food, often have a diet which is over rich in protein.

There's stuff on the NHS pages about nutrition and the eatwell plate worth a read (or a re-read). nhs.uk/LiveWell/healthy-eat...

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


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