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I am looking for a weight loss buddy :)

I am new to this site and am looking for a weight loss buddy to share my weight loss success's and failures with. I need buddies who are able to motivate and support me through my journey, I would also be happy to do the same in return :) Do you think you are up for the challenge?. Lots of good luck to all.x

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So am I but I live in Glasgow what about you.


I live in south Wales, but I am happy to be your online buddy if you like?:)


Sounds good to me ..... I definitely need a buddy and the encouragement!!!!! I live just outside Manchester ..... and the weather here is definitely no help whatsoever. Looks like all for one and one for all - musketeers??????

Good luck everyonex

Only thing that bothers me is how to find you again!!!


me too please our musketeers :)


I live in Portsmouth and looking for a weight loss buddy to


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