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Week 3 - weigh in

Calories Consumed: 1498

*5 a Day* Achieved: Yes

Activity/Exercise: 120 mins & 5008 steps taken

Approx Calories used: 320kcals

Weight - 0.5kgs loss

Bust - 1 cm loss

Waist - 1cm loss

Hips - 2cms loss

Well yet another 500g gone :) and all my measurements are getting smaller too but I must curb my impatience and focus on my decreasing size ;) I want to be my new slimmer self NOW!!

I know, I know by doing it gradually and changing my lifestyle one step at a time my success is more likely to be permanent.

Week 4 on the NHS Choices 12 Week Plan tackles food cravings and snack temptation. I'm going to try to listen to the Paul McKenna self help CD on "emotional eating" I have found that keeping myself busy is stopping my grazing

My exercise plan hasn't worked this week, I only managed to do the Yogalates DVD once and the weather has been so pants that I've not worked in the garden either but tomorrow is Monday and a new week....

The NHS say it takes 12 weeks to form new habits, I've started well and I have every intention of my momentum going.

Happy journeying everyone...


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