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First week nearly complete

I've nearly finished the first week of my new healthy lifestyle. I had a mini blip midweek but I have ignored that and carried on. I'm loving the gym and feel better for going already. I have also found that when I make the effort to go to the gym I take better care of myself in general by eating properly, moisturising everyday and making more of an effort with my appearance. I've had a very positive start!

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Well done you! Sounds like an excellent start!!


Its my first week too!! I have to say I feel so much better, have even been able to resist chocolate, well I've had one or two but within my calorie allowance. Well done you lets hope we both have a good week 2 :)


Thanks! Good luck to you guys as well! I'm finidng it helpful just taking it one week at a time rather than looking at the whole amount of time I think I will need to lose the weight I want to.


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