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Worried about looking older

Week 3 and lost 9 lbs so far. Have a long journey ahead but friends of similar age (63) say you have to be careful as losing weight will make you look older. These comments take the edge off my commitment. My weight loss programme started as I had to take another tablet to control my blood pressure (2 tablets a day) and so I thought enough is enough, I know I can reduce my blood pressure by losing weight.

How do others deal with negative comments like this.

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Tell them that you are losing weight for the sake of your health. I think that is more important than being glamorous. I'm 76, and don't really care what other people say. I feel so much better, even for losing a small amount of weight. It's all about having good health. If you lose weight the blood pressure will come down. My good wishes for your journey, even though you say it's a long one.


Hi Moutiere

Thanks for your positive comment. The odd thing I have never been glamorous and always thought I was down to earth but obviously I must feel a bit vulnerable about ageing which is laughable when you think about the alternative. You are quite right it is all about health. I will wait for the next comment and retort with the fact that even with 9lbs off I can tell a difference in my high blood pressure and that is the main thing.


I've only ever noticed people looking older, whatever their age even 30's if they went from round chubby faces to losing so much their cheekbones stood out as they'd lost so much that all the fat from their face had gone, you see that when they lose weight due to illness too. But I'm pretty sure most of us are aiming for healthy sensible loss and not a ' I must be a size six loss' :-) the fact that you are doing it for health reasons ; which my hubby did to bring his blood pressure down, dropped 2 stone was officially still just under a stone overweight but blood pressure was right down :-) is the best reason. there will always be people who give negative comments but moutiere is right health is everything, and you are on the right track. Wish you every success.


Hi Granny C,

In actual fact, whether you look older or end up looking younger is all about the elasticity of your skin.

Now generally older people's skin is less elastic, but not always, and the way you care for your skin makes a difference too. However, the real trick is to lose weight at a sensible pace, i.e. the recommended 1 to 2 lbs a week, which gives time for your whole body to adjust to your new levels of body fat, including your skin.

Even if you do end up looking a bit older, that effect is likely to be reasonably temporary, but really that sort of problem is probably really one for those people who try to lose weight too quickly, or those who lose a big amount of weight, six or seven stone plus, or need to lose a significant amount of weight quickly for medical reasons, e.g. pre-surgery.


Thanks for your positive comments. i have been overweight most of my life and have lost and regained more weight than I care to remember. The difference this time is I have started to go to a gym and have made a couple of friends with ladies my age.

I am retiring in 3 weeks so intend to increase my activity as most of my life has been sat on a chair in an office. As they say onwards and upwards!

Good luck to all you dieters out there, all the best


Wow, 9lbs in 2 weeks that's fantastic! Good luck with your retirement, the gym and your new found friends.

I'm on week 6 and have only lost 61/2lbs but I'm determined to keep going.


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