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Friday weigh In

I have been weighed so many times this week I cannot recall what weight I was last friday. I do however know I have gained., probably around 2lb. That's another TWO POUND. I know exactly why, the aftermath of Easter. I can't help but sneak and eat copious amounts of chocolate. My partners has been off work so our meals have not been the best either.

Time to get back on the bus although I say this with very little motivation. My desire to eat the wrong stuff seams to have overtaken the deisre to be slim fit and healthy. My aim this week is to lose 2lb and get back into the gym. If I fail to do so i'll not be able to fit into my new dress so comfortably

Good luck every one.

Happy healthy eating!

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My weight this morning was 77.9kg. Not a big loss this week, only about 0.5kg. Last couple of weeks have been a bit difficult because I injured my foot so can't do cardio at the moment :( However, trying to keep going. Helps me to remember that I started in January at 89kg, so have made good progress really. My, foot feels quite a lot better today so fingers crossed I'll be back too exercise as normal next week. That will hopefully get my motivation a bit better as well!

Good luck innerslim and hope you manage to get back on the weight loss bus.


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