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End of week 1...and things going well

So I started again this week - and feel determined- but frankly bored with the slog of snakes and ladders dieting. But i have choices accept my weight and stop going on about it or do something about it. So yet again I start on the diet slope. Since xmas through the ups and downs i have probably lost a stone - but managed not to be exactly the same weight as I was then.

So onward - so counting calories - started running and lo and behold I have lost 3 pounds this week - having had a very tough march when weight just did not want to shift - that feels pretty good. and definitely is a good motivator. Just need to plough through the weekend now and onward to next week.

Happy weight loss everyone

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well done ,3 pounds is a great start , stay motivated


That's a fabulous start :-) I always see weekend as a challenge then back into week day routine. At least it's only two days and weather is improving and lighter days.... Maybe summer and smaller clothes here we come!


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