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Just starting...does anyone have any advice please?!!

Hi everyone

I squeezed on a skirt last night and decided that I really have to do something!!!

I run 3 miles a day, 5 days a week, but recently it's been harder and harder to get motivated.

The weight has been piling on, due to large portion sizes and very unhealthy snacks ( I admit it all!!) I always seem to put on weight during the winter, but this year has been exceptional. It's always easier to find comfort in a bar of chocolate than to have a drink of water!!

If anyone can give me any advice I'd be very grateful. I know I can't do this on my own and will need lots of gentle reminders and hints. I would like to lose a stone and a half.

Good luck to each and every one of you, and thank you!

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I know just how you feel. I have just started exercising and eating healthily this week. I'd forgotten how good it feels to go to the gym and do some excercise. It's hard but I've put a photo of me at my best from a couple of years ago as the background on my phone so everytime I use it I am reminded how good I can look and feel. I'm also being very organised about meals and make sure I have the right foods in the house and make sure I don't buy anything tempting.

Good luck!


The photo is a great idea, I'm going to sort that out.

As for the food thing, the last two days have been ok, but I haven't been left on my own yet...the food diary is really helping though!!

Thank you and good luck to you too!


What about exchanging your bar of chocolate for a hot chocolate options, it's all about tricking your mind into believing you have had some chocolate:o)

I too would like to loose a stone and a half. I only have 5 1/2 weeks to my holiday. To date I have lost 6 1/2lbs. I have been in the gym a lot as well as doing the C25K.

I seem to be stuck on W3 as I hurt my knee and now my back has given out on me.

Good luck


Well done, that's fantastic and excellent encouragement!

I'm going to get some options tomorrow for when it all becomes too much!!

The first two days have been ok but I'm still getting hungry, I guess I have to wait for my stomach to contract again.

Hope the next 5 1/2 weeks goes well for you!


Thanks and good luck!


I also understand how you feel - I think I must be the ultimate yo-yo dieter. For a week now I have cut out all bread from my eating and I feel so much better. I am back to c25k and feel so much more positive. I also feel thinner although it is early days. More importantly I haven't felt hungry as I don't regard myself as being on a 'diet' which is key for me.

I am trying to focus my mind on losing weight to be fitter and healthier as well as having my clothes fit better.

Some advice i have read which I want to try to follow is to make small changes and give yourself weekly non food rewards.


Hi bethbrit

You sound like you are doing really well...particularly on c25k. I really enjoy my daily run and would love to increase the distance if I had more time.

My next question is ... "do you not feel very tired?" I'm wondering whether this is simply because I've cut out the "quick fix" chocolate and sugary snacks. I just feel shattered and want to turn to food for a quick rush of energy. I'm doing quite well at ignoring these or grabbing a piece of fruit instead of something stacked full of sugar or carbs...so far. I don't drink anything with caffeine in it, and never have, which probably doesn't help!!!

Could you give me any advice to keep ignoring these cravings please??

Good luck

and thank you !!


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