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Does exercise make you hungry or feel in control?

It's kinda funny as a lot of my mates say that when they exercise they end up mega hungry! Which kinda defeats some of the purpose of it if you eat more than you just worked off. Wonder am I the only one who finds working out makes me feel in control and less hungry than usual when I finish. The hunger doesn't seem to kick in until breakfast next day and I'm guessing that's due to eating less than normal the night before. Please say I'm not the only weird one like this :-)

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I agree with you completely.

I run first thing in the morning and really don't want to eat breakfast or lunch.

By tea time however, I'm starving and eat pretty much anything and everything in sight.

I think we need to force ourselves to eat a small, healthy snack after exercise (my gym instructor always used to say we continue to burn off calories for an hour) then we won't be so hungry later!


Hi :)

when I run, I don't feel hungry after, I normally have a little snack like a banana, and it means I can eat a little later. This morning I ran before breakfast, and instead of being my usual self- dragging myself out of bed, clutching a coffee when I'm at my desk, I felt so energised, and so awake I didn't even have a coffee!

I think it might be partly down to being proud of exercising, but if people are exercising with the mentality that they can reward themselves with food- that's probably not a good idea!


I'm glad I'm not only one :-) my meal when I get homes prob half amount I'd normally eat and although then hungrier at breakfast next day I take care not to use excuse to over eat. I really want to wobble less :-) so if I do have a down day and think I deserve a snack I will make sure its a healthy one, thanks for ideas.


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