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Life changing decisions

Hi everyone!

I am a forever dieter- I do it for a while, lose some weight, then reward myself with cake (ha). I'm determined this time that I won't do the same.

I've started the c25k plan, and I'm currently on Week4, I really enjoy it! I can't wait to class myself as a 'runner'. In total I want to lose about 9 stone, so I'm in no hurry to shift it fast, but with me being morbidly obese the weight seems to be coming off pretty quickly. My main goal is to keep it off- not just to lose it.

Last year in 5 months I managed to lose 2st 10 doing slimming world- I was eating so much I didn't feel like I was sacrificing, so I know I can do it if I put my mind to it. So now is the time! I love reading the posts on this group, you guys keep me motivated. Let's hope I can come back in a couple of months with a success story!

One thing I have noticed- My weight fluctuates massively in a day! about 6lbs! I don't know if I'm losing or gaining or staying when I weight myself at different times, so I'm going to have to go back to weighing myself once a week, at the same time. Sometimes I feel like every time I go to the bathroom I step on the scales, in the hope I'm an oz lighter, haha.

Any tips for losing and keeping it off? Any success stories? Thanks for all your help guys :)

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Are you doing the 12 week plan?

Here's the link if not:


A really simple over view is 1400 cals per day, 2 core strength exercise sessions a week and 150 minutes aerobic activity a week.

Print off the chart and fill it in everyday with your calories, exercise etc and chart your weight and measurements.

There's lots of information on the lose weight pages on food, exercise, and healthy living, plus if you read the blogs and questions on here you'll get some really useful tips from all of us, and the vast majority of us are following the plan.

Some people are following a diet regime such as WW or SW, other like me are just counting calories. Personally I just use a good old paper and pen to keep track of what I've eaten, but you could try using myfitnesspal or foodfocus as a tracker.

A great tip for starting off is to choose your day to start and prepare for it, whilst in the meantime trying to make healthy choices. Read up on recipes and make a shopping list. Go shopping and only buy what is on the list. Don't cheat by putting crap food on the list! :p

This way there will not be any bad food for you to binge on should you get any cravings!

Make sure you drink plenty of water, it helps with hunger cravings.

Exercise - make a routine and stick with it, it makes it easier if you are not used to regular exercise. Also try and up your daily activity levels if you have a sedentary lifestyle.

I'm currently on week 9 been on plan for 11 weeks (had 2 active holidays which 1400 cals per day wouldn't support so paused and started again at the end).

Started at 12st 9.8lbs and at last weigh in on Monday was at 11st 8.8lbs.

My weight loss has averaged out over the weeks that I've been sticking to the plan at over 2lb per week, although I did put weight on over the 2 holidays.


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