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Week 6 - anyone else on this week?

Well, nearly at the half way mark at the end of the this week. Getting harder in some ways and easier in others. Dont feel hungry but need to eat more varied meals as I am getting bored of my tried but tested porridge for breakfast, bagel for lunch and what can I make with the calories I have left tea - I might go for some ready meals just to add a bit more variety. Quorn sausages and prawns were suggested to me by a couple of bloggers (not for the same meal) so will give those a try too. Last night I got carried away and put homemade bolognese sauce on a jacket potato, not realising the calorific value until after I had eaten in and tapped it into myfitnesspal calorie counter - note to self - put into calorie counter BEFORE eating. . .

Able to start walking with the lighter evenings and not quite so cold weather so will see if that has any effect.

I do find that I get impatient and although I want to lose weight slowly as that is the best way and also hopefully least aging on my face, I really want to see some results in the way my clothes fit. I do feel better and know I will get there but need to dig into my levels of perseverance and just keep on going.

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have a night off if its boring you, go out enjoy a night off have a nice meal and dont beat yourself up over it, im also in week 6 and struggling not for lack of variety as i have loads but more the amount of food im eating my body is struggling and im feeling sick bloated and sore(IBS side effects) and i feel im already skipping the healthy snacks and my daily intake is slowly creeping back dowen yesterday i only managed 838 calories and was feeling stuffed and sick all day.

my bf made a gorjus aubergine curry the other week was delish and i made some lovely spicy veg soup was very tasty i even used bacon lardons from lidl for more flavour total calories was 123cal per bowl- 2 ladels full, was made from carrots, onions, celery, cabbage, tinned tomatoes the bacon, chilli flakes and veg stock, it was the best soup ive tasted in ages, treated myself to a food processor and blender so the lot got whizzed up and made a lovely thick creamy textured soup. i didnt even need to eat anything with it i was that full up i guess if you wanted to add carbs you could put a few potatoes in it too or use it as a pasta sauce(add the bacon lardons after its been blended, fried in their own juice) as it was a pretty versatile soup. Is there a forum on here to post recipes ???


Wow there ought to be a forum for recipe ideas that soup sounds delicious :-)


Yes me but must admit I'm doing Slimming World, just trying to stick to fruit and yog for breakfast. I know what you mean though, it does get boring after awhile. I'm impatient too!

Slow is best though.

How's your weight loss going? I've lost 6 1/2lbs in 6 weeks, was hoping for a bit more but I have been away for a weekend, had my birthday and easter so not bad I suppose. Having said that I haven noticed that I can get into a pair of trousers that I have not worn for awhile.

Good luck and keep up the good work!


Have made decision not to weigh myself but just go by how my clothes fit. Might get weighed at end of week 12 but not sure.

Did have a night off yesterday as went out for Sunday dinner - I really enjoyed the night off but was also glad to go back to 'normal' eating today which surprised me.

Trying to keep up the variety and made a yummy WW kedgeree tonight.

Good luck with your Slimming World plan


Thanks. That seems like a good plan and you are allowed a night off know and then.

I know sw have a secret weigh in so that might be a good idea as I'm going away in about 5 weeks. It would motivate me into keeping on the straight and narrow.


Secret weigh in sounds like a good idea to me - everyone's different but might be worth a try, especially for something like 5 weeks. For me losing 5lbs over 5 weeks was much more motivating than losing 1lb per week. All psychologcal but whatever works. . .


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