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Those last few pounds!

I started my diet at the beginning of February weighing in at 12 stone 9 pounds. I was very overweight at 17 years old and 5'8. (boy) I have managed to reach 11 stone 1.5 pounds now which is great, the only problem is that I have been at this weight for 2 weeks in a row now... My diet consists mainly of vegetable soup, baked potatos and whole grain pasta with tomato based sauces, and I snack on fruit when hungry. I'm not sure how to drop those last few pounds to get to my target weight. Any advice? should I switch my diet to something more radical to shift the last bit?

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Hi slamscape :)

Well done!!! :)

My diet is almost exactly the same, only I eat boiled potato, and brown rice instead of pasta. I am in the 11th week and have 2-3 pounds to lose. My plan (and my advice to you) is to exercise a bit more and regularly and to stick to healthy diet without extreme solutions.

Any radical change bring only short-term, a few-days lasting results, and speedy weight gain afterwards.

The last few pounds are the hardest to lose, and they require a longer period of time, but I think that it is better to turn them into muscles, instead of losing them through low-calorie diet.



Thanks for you suggestions. It is good to see that I am not the only one! I think that ill up my cardio; going for an hour's run instead of 30 mins in the morning. you are right about the extreme diets aswell, ill just keep with my current diet thanks :)


From first glance it appears you've not got a lot of HQ protein in your diet, you need to be careful that you're not wasting away your muscles in an attempt to reach that target weight. You'll be thankful of muscle post weight loss as it will give you a higher BMR.

You might want to also review and tweak your Fruit intake, although fruits healthy it can ramp up your calorie intake due sugar content.



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