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week 4-back to week 1

well I had a very frustrating March-did all the right things but my weight just plateaued. Eventually half way through a few pounds shifted which I decided to be be satisfied with (had to be!!). Anyway had a super week in Spain -no weight gain. Did first week of C25k-enjoyed it. Had big birthday weekend and back to square one weight wise. So here we go again-feeling pretty resolved-just disappointed that all is so easily undone.

The truth is I feel rubbish -and pretty fed up with the slog of this -but I am not deterred . So back to week 1 for me. But I have advanced to week 2 on the running -if only I could motivate myself to go out in rain!

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Try not to get too disappointed - you're not really back to square one if you're out there running (when the rain is gone), and you're keeping track fo nutrition. You're making healthier choices bit by bit and eventually it will just become a part of your life.

I've been stuck in plateau-land for 8 weeks or so, and I know there have been little slip ups along the way that have kept me here, but for the most part I've still been good. It happens, and the trick is finding out how to push past it and stay positive.

Good luck!


Good riddence to this bad weather we have had - It will certainly helps when the sun shines now and then. I wait for a sunny spot and get my joggers on - even if its just to go down for a walk.


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