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Back on track

After a couple weeks of not doing so good ive got back on track and my Monday weigh in today was 156kg which is a 12kg loss in my first 5 weeks. Am also going to try stop smoking tomorrow as well I know both is not ideal thing to do I want to lose weight but need to stop smoking as am skint. Not setting my self any targets with the stop smoking just as long as the weight keeps going down even if its just 1Lb a week. After all that equates to 52lbs over a year

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Good for you. I used to weigh 126kg and I smoked 60 a day. I gave up smoking and dieted at the same time it's the same willpower used so it isn't any harder doing both together. My only tip is to change your routine and habits i.e.. if you normally have coffee in the morning and a cigarette grab a glass of water or something else instead and keep moving. Anything that you associated with a cigarette try to change slightly so that it doesn't have the same trigger each time.


Hi Beardy

Well done! Everyone has good weeks and bad weeks, so don't think your on your own in this.

If you are serious about stopping smoking, your best idea would be to take up a hobby, you need something to concentrate on to take your mind off it, ideally something with your hands.

I took up knitting, but could be jigsaws, drawing anything that you don't do now, so you don't associate it with smoking.

Keep your chin up and if you start to crave a cig have a vitamin c tablet to crunch on thats how i stopped, my dr said your body only stores the amount it needs and the rest comes out in your wee. it'll help your body aswell as your immune system will be shot.

take care and let us know how you get on. we're always here if you need a rant


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