marrige+ 2 children + 6 years = 7stone over weight

well where to begin, the first thing to probably put down on paper is I am Michelle, I'm now 30 I have 2 beautiful children and i have been with my partner for 10 years and married 1.5 of them :)

Its time to stop kidding myself, even though I act as though it doesn't bother me and that I have this MASSIVE personality, my weight is a major problem. Since childhood food was an issue I was either binging or starving, then in my late teens I finally got " a figure to die for" and that's when I met my hubby. Children came 2 years later and my body has never been the same again, I am overweight, unfit, unhappy and ready to change.

At 30 things that I should find easy are really difficult and causing me pain, my once endless supply of confidence and energy have become an inconsistent dribble or non existent especially since I had to lose all my teeth this year too so I have had a tough year but I stopped smoking new years eve 2012 and I am determined this will be the making of the new me.

so day one (yesterday) was hard I was so hungry the whole day, I had a slim fast for breakfast but I was so hungry about 30 mins after and I couldn't get rid of that hunger. Now for a while now I have been craving fruit and veg but I have no teeth so its not as easy as you think for me to eat and you would think if anything I would have lost weight but all the foods hat are BAD for you are easy to eat and that's why I've piled on more weight as my diet is limited to bad food.

I did get through the day yesterday without cracking although I had a packet of crisps and a few tea biscuits but that was all and I have been so honest with my food diary, its fantastic I just scan t he bar code and save and it does the rest. when the kids go back to school next week I am going to do that 5k challenge a I need to excercise more that's a MUST!!

Today was day 2 and i had a great day I really enjoyed my cheese salad sarnie with extra side of veg it was difficult to swallow but I cut the veg as small as I could an I enjoyed it so much and my body had missed it so much too, So I'm sitting on the computer determined to keep a diary of all thoughts and feeling of my goal to lose 7 stone. I cant wait to read this when i am back to my former self and living an active healthy life! GOODLUCK EVERYONE WHO IS FIGHTING THE BATTLE I AM X


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13 Replies

  • Well done you, I wish you all the luck in the world.

  • right back at ya scottish lass!! im from glasgow my self so love the name :)

  • Well done for starting, I'm on day 2 , I'm also 30 been with my husband for 12 years, have 3 daughters.

    My weight is a massive issue for me, i won't have my photo taken at the moment, take my girls swimming, it affects me so much. I think part of the problem (other than chocolate) is being in a long term relationship your partner loves you for you not just what you look like, which don't get me wrong is great, but harder to motivate yourself as you have to do something for yourself, which with being a mum as well you get put to the bottom of the pile.

    But now we've both found our good old will power, WE WILL DO IT XX

  • sarah, you know what I am going through!!! its so nice to be part of a forum / club that the member actually support you and dont just look at you and watch your every move! thank you so much and your right we can and will do this and show our kids that fit and healthy is a lot better than couches and chocolate :)

  • Well done.You sound really determined! I have had a few bad weeks after starting my plan, went away, various social events (same usual excuses!) but am back on track now! It's just the same for me. Having 2 children, getting married and very slowly the weight crept on. Lots of luck!

  • candyrock,

    i feel for you, this is not my first attempt as we all know after several attempts i feel like i have an addicition to food lol and i have bad cravings even sitting right now on this computer i fancy a biscuit or a pack lol but i put a photo of my pre motherhood self on the fridge to help me avoid that temptation, its just gonna be a rough few weeks until we get in our stride as i am so used to eating as much as i want and what i want when i want lol but i dream of keeping up with my children and chasing then around the garden which i have not done in a number of years the support on here is refreshing and i am grateful for each ocomment YOU CAN DO THIS SWEETIE WE ALL CAN DO THIS X

  • Oh thankyou! You have given me a push to do this! Have been very good today. Just hope I can keep it up. Going on holiday in June and just want to feel a bit better about myself. You're right....... WE CAN DO THIS! X

  • You can do this, i was in a similar situation a few years ago looking at myself in the mirror at about 7 & 1/2 stone overweight (still not decided on my exact target) feeling fat, ugly and like a failiure. I was uncomfortable, horribly unhealthy and i ached everywhere and that was in my mid twentys !!! I lost 6 stone a couple of years ago but hit a wall and i put a couple of stone (ish) back on. I guess i was just tired of being good. Then this January something clicked and i decided enough was enough. I'm now back to my lowest weight and aiming to get to a healthy BMI (im 163lb ish now and aiming for 140lb ish) for the first time ever. I'll look again when i get nearer to and decide if im happy or if i want to lose more.

    It can be done :o)

    Sarahjn27 with regards to photos i know what you mean but i wish id taken some when i started out now looking back. There have been days when ive worried so much about how far ive got left to go its been impossible to enjoy how far ive come. I've found a few now (not of my heaviest weight but not far off) and it can be so helpful to look at them when im having a bad day. I'd say get a few taken & put them away, you dont even need to look at them for now but atleast then you'll have them to look back on :o)

    Good luck

  • I think the problem is we do not want a photo lol well i know i used to be anything but camera shy but now you pull a camera out and i am outta here lol but a good idea to keep track of your sucess, i think ill go and take a photo today :) thank you so much for the great tip and for sharing your story, keep up the good work and just imagine when you are at the end of that journey THE FEELING YOU GET WILL BE WORTH ALL THE HARD CHOICES nd will power battles you have overcome!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

  • Hey, I am at day 2 as well. I although started the running program. I have been on diet/healthy eating- exercise for the 4th time in my life. with 16, I gained a stone in two week. Getting rid of that was very easy. After my first child again a stone, was ok. After the second child again a stone. Now they are 14 and 9 and I am 45. And again a stone. But I'll do it. For myself and to show my children that everything is possible. I wish us all well on this journey to more health and fun.

  • your so right we have to be good examples for our children and at the min and for the past two years i have been anything but and i do not want my two girls battling all there lives with food related issue like there mummy! keep in touch and let me know how you are going xxxxx

  • We can do it.

  • WE SURE CAN!!! better get taking pics so we can visually see the difference in our bodies as we can forget at times how bad things were before x

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