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Monday weigh in

So this morning was the start of week 12 since i decided to give this weight loss thing another go. This week i was down to 163.4lb which amazingly given i had a naughty weekend last week is a 2.6lb loss this week !!! That makes a total 24.83lb in the 11 weeks since i started this time and 84.6lb in total lost from my highest known weight

I'm really pleased because i'm back to the lowest weight i have been in my adult life which is great but at the same time im praying i don't get stuck again.

Fingers crossed next week i'll be looking at a number on the scale that i haven't seen before rather than pulling my hair out wondering why the number has got stuck again :o)

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Wow, I hope I can do as well as you, Well done you, Have you found sticking to this quite easy? I'm starting today.


To be honest it's been really good, I've had a tendency in the past to reduce the calories I ate to far below what I should be eating This is the first time I've really given a weight loss plan a go where the calories were above 1000 per day and I can honestly say this is the first plan I've tried where I can really say with confidence that I will be able to follow it long term and adapt it to maintain my weight once I get to my goal.

I'd say you've made a great choice giving this plan a go and I hope to see you on here in a few weeks telling us all about your successes :o)


Hi Sinope,

Well done on your weight loss. Really good!

Good luck to you Sarahjn on your journey and hope you have a good first week.

Regarding my own Monday weigh-in, I'm pleased to say I've lost 2 pounds this week - so current weight is 14 stone 4.6 pounds. I was 15 stone 2.6 pounds at the start of the year (1st January 2013), so I've lost 10 pounds in total over the last 3 and a bit months. My goal weight is to be 12 stone 7 pounds, so I've got a way to go yet, but I'm hopeful it will happen eventually, and I'm pleased with my progress so far. I'm finding the mix of exercise and eating healthy foods is a good combination for me.

Wishing everyone a good week. :-)


Fantastic, thats a great loss and good progress so far, I'm sure you'll get to your goal before you know it :o)


well done sinope82 :)

since you are in the 12th week, could you please give us a kind of summary or your opinion on this 12_week_plan and/or some advices coming from your experience?

Once again, WOW on your weight loss.


I love it, It's the first plan I've used which gets you to monitor that your trying to get your 5 a day & looks at everything together (food/exercise etc).

I like the fact that it looks at calories, I find all the diets where your working out points and what not far to compicated and I think it makes it longer to maintain in the long term.

I think for anyone looking at starting the plan I'd say give it a try, It's easy to follow and there is plenty of usefull info on this site. Also I wouldn't be afraid to tweek it a bit, I really enjoy my exercise and I'm doing the comic relief 5 x 50 challenge at the minute which means I'm doing a minimum of 5K per day & my other work outs so I'm burning alot more calories than I would normally and there have been a few days when I've been really hungry so I've allowed myself a few more calories(100-200ish) with no problem.

Other than that I'd say look at it as a journey, life doesn't always make it easy to be good, I've gotten through several birthdays, easter and a weekend away (eating far more than I was supposed to ;o) since I started the plan and I've finally reallised that 1 bad day will not undo all your hard work so long as you get back to your good ways as soon as you can.

Also I try not to get to disheartened if the scales don't co-operate and do what I expect (I'm not massivley good at this one yet though). Sometimes when you've been good for no apparent reason the scales either wont budge or go up & other times (like last week) you can have been really naughty and they either don't go up or even go down. It doesn't always make sense and is really frustrating but I try and look at it as a blip, probobly water weight and it normally comes off again fairly quickly.

Not sure if thats any help but hope I haven't bored you too much

Good luck


Thank you sinope82, I enjoyed reading your blog, smiled couple times when I recognized my problems and experiences...also I realized that I need to strengthen my exercising programme. I think your experience might help the others as well.

Thank you & Good luck :)


Well done. Do you share your successes on facebook and social media?


To be honest no not really, I'm on My fitness pal and I'll occasionally post a topic but other than that I've only ever posted a few blogs on here or the NHS C25K forum. I'm not really a computer fan (or very good at it) and alot of my weight loss was before I found the sites I use now.


well done!!! do not think negitively at all this is a massive achievement and just remember what it was like at your heaviest so you should be living life now well done keep it up x


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