Tips for variety in meals

Last night I was cooking beef burgers (tesco finest) for my family and was surprised to discover that they were only 160 calories each so I had a burger in a warburtons thin along with salad and a very satisfying meal came in at around 300 calories.

As I am nearly at week 6 I need to vary my meals more - anyone got any tips for their favourite meal to inspire me and everyone else?


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7 Replies

  • Prawns!

    I've worked out that a portion is 56 calories, so you can do what you want with them really!

    Usually I have them pan fried with either lemon and ginger or with chilli. Add some noodles and veg and that comes to around 280-300 cals.

    I like tinned new potatoes, they are probably the lowest calorie carb I have found per portion. Then get some fish fillets and bake, again you can add some garlic, lemon, or other seasoning that you like, add some veg and you are at 375-400 cals.

  • Thanks for suggesting tinned new pots. Haven't tried them for years so I will give them a go. Also try M&S frozen scallops - very low calorie and a special treat. I pan fry in tiniest amount of butter/olive oil mix. Cook pasta. Separately heat either fresh or tin ed toms with garlic, stir into drained pasta and top with scallops - enjoy.

  • I have recently tried quorn sausages, they are a lot nicer than I thought they would and low in calories and go nice with veg or baked beans and a jacket potatoe.

  • Thanks - I like prawns and hadn't thought about tinned new potatoes so will put them on my shopping list

  • I wil give quorn sausages a go too as that sounds nice and easy with baked beans - thanks

  • I use the warbatons thins as a base for a mini pizza

  • Mini pizza sounds good - I got carried away and put home made bolognese on a jacket potatoe yesterday not realising the calorific value. Will make sure I work out the value of the cheese before I get carried away when making these. Thanks for the suggestion

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