How can I handle sugar cravings?

I'm struggling to shift weight, which I'm sure is mainly down to the fact that I am always craving sugar. If there's anything sugary in the house, I have to eat it (and of course there is plenty after Easter!). I always get those mid afternoon sugar cravings when energy is low too and really struggle to stop myself from sneaking out to the shops to buy myself a "natural" snack (eg. sesame snaps, eat natural bars, yogurt coated snacks), which I trick myself into thinking are ok but really they're just as bad.

Does anyone have any tips or alternatives?


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18 Replies

  • I find not starting helps I know its difficult and believe me when I say I don't always practice what I preach but I do find sugar and flour the two triggers which make me over eat to extremes.

    A friend I have goes to a food addicts meeting (LIke AA) and they treat sugar and flour the same as alcohol and abstain completely (FOREVER a day at a time!!!) I tried it and its very difficult , I think it works for people who have truly reached the end of the road and are out of control with food.

    However I try and apply it 70% of the time.(easier if you do a whole day) which basically means Meat, fish, veg, salad, natural yogurt, rice , potatoes and porridge.

  • Definitely abstinence is best, but if you feel a craving coming on, even if you don't feel like it, eat some protein, it helps to feed your brain and neutralise the craving.

  • I agree protein defiantly seems to help,

  • Good idea Lotta and Emu - got bad craving now, so will grill some fish!! What started the craving was some fruity yoghurt - or disappointment? - so I'm off to do that fish! Byeeeee & thanks...................Margarita!

  • Thank you so much emu38 and lottalotta! Fresh start this week - no sugar this week apart from some low sugar fruit.

    Thank you for the inspiration advice :) bring on the omelette breakfasts!

  • A nutritionist friend suggested oat-cakes (rather calorific) or oat porridge to keep the hunger pangs away... But it's not always hunger, hmmm?


  • I try to drink fruity keeps your mind off the sweety things!

  • Fruit tea works for me too. Also fresh fruit such as an apple or some pineapple or a couple of satsumas can satisfy the sugar craving. Problem is I don't always follow my own good advice. If I start on bread & butter then I'm a lost cause for the rest of the day.

  • I tried fruity tea today and it was ace :) thanks guys. I love fresh fruit but I resort to it a lot! Lots of sugar in that too, but I guess at least it isn't processed rubbish!

  • If really bad I drink diet fizzy drink then chew gum so can't put anything else in mouth! Had agony of giving away cake ( mates birthday at work) then kitkats ( used to have one as Friday treat until realised I'd have at least 4 Fridays a week lol and took no money out lunchtime so couldn't buy anything shouldn't...... The force was strong with me today :-) just taking a day at a time, good luck :-)

  • Fruit tea - that's a good one to try, and might help reduce my caffeine intake as well! Bread, rice and pasta gives me stomach aches so I think sometimes it's the lack of that really full feeling you get from grains that leaves me craving sugar.

    I made it through day 1. 6 to go!

  • Sugar cravings can be an absolute nightmare, so I wholly sympathise. I tend to carry a packet of chewing gum around with me and have a piece if I get a craving. I have also got into the habit of taking a small pot of 6 dried apricots, 6 almonds and 10g sunflower seeds in my lunchbox into work with me.

  • on Feb 1st, I realized that if I want to live, I need to lose 29% of my body weight, bring down my BMI to a figure that doesn’t reek of SHAME, reduce my cholesterol level down from (Above 6.2 mmol/L) down to 4.5 or thereabouts, my blood pressure down from (above 138/85) to a survivable range.

    What I realized most of all is that, is entirely up to me; live or die; I only had myself to blame for my condition, I needed to quit blaming the world, the system, the NHS, The Government, food manufacturers, The media, the social scene and peer pressure. I needed to look much much closer and I did. Turned out, it was ME who had no self-respect or the will to live, so I decided to take charge of my life again.

    It is now Apr 10th and I lost 10% of my body weight, my blood pressure is now very healthy thank you, my cholesterol level is down to 4.3, and this is just the start.

    Most importantly, I DID IT; not a surgeon, not a dilatation, no club, no programme, no subscription, no plea for a miracle solution, no con artist helping himself to my acc no & sort code before helping me. I must admit that I had a little medical help with my cholesterol, but other than that it’s all good old me and it continues to be. Above all I am winning the eternal battle of MAKING IT A WAY OF LIFE. Incidentally, I was 64 in March.

    All about reversing that vicious circle and getting it to work for you.

    Good luck with your own battle.

  • I like your thinking, I felt the same way only I started Feb 28th. I havn't lost 10% yet but have lost half stone which I'm so pleased at and I'm determined to carry on.

    Good luck to you too

  • Fruit! There is such a range and we should be eating 5 portions a day. Also sugar free jellies are good. Good luck!

  • fruit is great for sugary cravings i find, or cherry tomatoes, even if things are high in calories theyre the right calories, i am struggling to get my calorie and protein intake and have taken to protein shakes to increase my intake for both. making smoothies with natural yoghurt bananas and negative calorie veg ie raw celery and broccolli are quite good as they take more calories to digest apparently than is actually consumed in them, frozen berries are good for adding flavour to it too and you can freeze them in little pots to take to work and if youre feeling a rush take them out your bag and give them a shake in a shaker ideally this wont be first thing in morning but a little later in the day when theyre not frozen anymore but rather slushy and totally yummy and refreshing, best buy of the month my blender and food processor, only down size ive cut my hands/fingers more than a few times already.

    chewing gum is great for sugar rushes gives you something to take your mind off things and apparently helps the body think its eating and cause the digestive system to kick in but too much then can lead to bloating wind etc

    best way to find out is to try different things and variety is a dieters friend i believe

  • I have a pack of sugar free polos for this - 81 calories in a packet I am diabetic so I have to take note of the carbohydrates which are 32g per pack but a pack should last a while

  • I find strawberries with granular canderel excellent to satisfy sugar craving.

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