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Another low calorie day :(

Calories Consumed: 1073

*5 a Day* Achieved: Yes

Activity/Exercise: 846 steps

Approx Calories used: ?

I've felt full today, even though my calorie intake is 400kcals less than my goal. Is this a good thing? I know that I still have a few hundred to make up for from Easter Sunday but i don't want to push it ;)

I bought a pedometer today just before lunch time, my kids spent their Easter money on Monster High dolls & I buy a pedometer! Lol! The last one I had kept falling off my belt (knocked off by my spare tyre every time I bent down) it eventually stopped working after many clashes with various hard floor surfaces *wuss* ;)

Not planning to go anywhere with the children tomorrow, so I'll see how many steps I take in a normal day at home. How close to the recommended 10,000 will I get?!


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Wow I've not even thought about how many steps I take on ordinary day but I think I'll count tomorrow just to see how many I really do on a normal day, bet you do more than me as I'll be sat at a desk for half the day :-) I betting I only do half and that you will prob do at least 8,000.


Good idea. I am going to get a pedo metre today. Thanks for that tip


10000 takes some doing. I managed 7000.

Good luck to you tabytha and all on this road.


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