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When scales go wrong :(

My electronic bathroom scales showed another 1lb loss for me this week (though i gained a cm on my waist). THEN I got out the wii which is usually within a pound of my bathroom scales. Wii says I have gained 3lbs which tallies with my waist measurement, but then again I am 'on' and always get a little bloated. Which do I believe? So I cannot say whether I have lost or gained this week (though I always record my bathroom scales weight). I even changed the batteries but there is still the discrepancy!

I wasn't good over Easter, so was expecting a gain. My partial crown was fitted today so the tooth saga is finally over but now I have a holiday in Spain and Portugal next week to challenge my weight loss efforts. But I am determined to put some of the 'eating out' ideas on these blogs into practice so watch this space! Will weigh in again on Friday as wont be here to do next Monday.

Good luck to everyone this week

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I would go with the scales on your WII (sorry). You should not keep scales in the bathroom as the steam affects how they work - regardless of whether or not they are digital or manual.


Thank you notsobigmama, you have confirmed what I suspected. I have been drying washing in the house over the weekend and was wondering whether the extra moisture in the air could be affecting the electronics in either the wii or electronic scales. I actually have my 'bathroom' scales in my bedroom but have always referred to them as 'bathroom' scales (i thought thats what they were called). Anyway, they agree with my wii this morning so a bit of a gain last week :( and to add insult to injury I am weighing in on Friday this week. Well! If it went on in 3 days, it can come off in 3 days! ((((I hope))))


I suggest you always use the same scale. The scales may not be calibrated well but measure changes in weight pretty accurately.


Hi Bodo, thanks for your reply.

I always use my bathroom scales to record my official weight. The wii balance board records your weight every time you do the wii-fit balance test, its not a function you can turn off. I never record this weight but it did hilight that my bathroom scales developed a little fault this week. I used to be a Weightwatcher and me and my fellow WW's sometimes noticed a discrepancy between our own results and the WW scales even though the leader would always say her scales were properly calibrated. We couldnt all have been wrong. Last year (when i regularly went to the gym) my weight would vary between a 4lb gain and loss each week, though my weight on my home scales remained constant. Scales do sometimes glitch.

Perhaps its time I bought new.


Well, I never expect to weigh the same on different scales but I would expect to become aware of weight changes when I use the same scale.

If you think of buying a new scale you may need to spend more money. More expensive scales hopefully are made to measure more accurately and are self calibrating. And I would suggest an electronic one over a mechanical as they have less parts to wear out.

Good luck.


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