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Monday Weigh-In - 1st April 2013

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Weight last Monday was 14 stone 8.0 pounds. Weight today: 14 stone 6.6 pounds.

Weight loss: 1.8 pounds.

Very pleased as I was concerned about the Easter weekend.

I did enjoy 500 calories worth of Easter products yesterday, (a medium size egg and a chocolate bar), but also went to the gym for a long work-out.

My goal for next week is to continue regular gym sessions and also walking, and try to eat healthy foods.

Good luck to everyone this week. :-)

2 Replies

Hi lowcal, I got weighed Monday I lost 1 lb, which I am glad about. I am on week 5 now, so committed (I hope) must carry on, I want to lose at least two stone, just dealing with a stone at a time.

I am resigned that it will take time.

Kind Regards Cheerfulone


Hi Cheerfulone,

Congratulations on your weight loss. I want to lose a similar amount to you, and I have given myself the goal of losing two stone by the end of the year - I agree, it will take time, but every loss is in the right direction.

Good luck with this week.

Take care,



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