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Losing weight is hard! - No, it's not.

Hi folks,

O.K. I'm going to say something that sounds a bit odd here, but actually losing weight isn't hard at all.

The 'hard' bit is changing your habits. And that's really only hard at first, because after a while your new habits will become like old friends, they stop being new and are just what you usually do.

Losing weight is easy. We all know you could lose lots of weight in almost no time at all. You'd feel like death warmed up - (and not warmed very much!) - and would probably end up with gallstones and a few other medical problems ... but it's 'easy' to do!

This journey isn't really about just losing weight, it's about finding new and better habits about your eating and your activity/exercise. Those habits will stop you going around the diet-and-put-it-back-on-again cycle, because it's your old 'bad' habits that have made you overweight (perhaps repeatedly) and those will also continue to make you weightier unless you change them.

It's not the easiest pill to swallow, accepting that it was you (and me) and your (and my) way of doing things that made us overweight. But perhaps that's the point that matters.

Because, if you can make yourself overweight, then you can un-make yourself overweight, too.

You did it, you can un-do it.

This body weight thing is within your control, it's in your hands to change.

Good luck with your weight loss journeys.

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Exactly how many times have you dieted? It's not just about habits its also about availability,your surroundings, and your motivation amongst other things if it was so simple and so easy there wouldn't be so many slimming clubs, even though they teach healthier habits!

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Hi Aussieblues

May we get things wrong when we think of what we do here as dieting or slimming. The unhelpful eating habits is what we need to change. Loosing weight will be the consequences.

I have joined the plan to help me loss weight but I will carry on with the plan to change my habits. This is a step change for me.


Well actually diet is just the general term for your food plan. What I'm trying to point out is we can change our diet (habit if you want to give it another name) but its a lot more complex than that. In part if you are just a bit overweight and you change say your breakfast from high calorie fry up to a healthier version or swap to cereal etc then of course you lose weight. If you are more overweight and need to alter more of your diet then outside factors can become harder. Like going out as there aren't always healthy choices, I usually get around this by taking food out with me but no one can say that the lack of healthy choices is a habit! Working around it is :-) but its lack of choices that can be the hard part and long term staying motivated.


I agree when you go out healthy choices are limited but you do well by planning ahead and taking food with you.

I turn 50 this year and I remember when I was a child we always carried snacks with us. The good old days before convenient stores.

If we want to be in control of want we eat, how much and when we can't rely on others.


Hi Aussieblues,

You sure about that?

You sure that the availability, surroundings and motivation - as you put it - aren't just your monkey mind doing what it'll always do and finding reasons to avoid change?

And being taught healthier habits is one thing, but actually changing your lifestyle is another.

Of course, there is an alternative - keep going around the weight-on-weight-off cycle.

But how helpful is that? What's the point of doing that? Who does that actually help, other than the slimming industry's profits?

And there'll always be plenty of slimming clubs and slimming products too, but not for the altruistic reasons - it's because they make money. And - as others have commented - they soon get closed down when they don't.

I can't ever remember hearing anything ever - going back a hundred years or so - about "slimming clubs" or indeed any other commercial aspect of losing weight. How come they managed without it all back then?

Availability? Of food - that's within your control to alter. Even if there are some limitations there due to your social / familial circumstances, in the final analysis, it's you that is eating it, no-one else. If you were very physically disabled and reliant on others feeding you, then that might be different.

Surroundings? Again you can change and model those, perhaps not to idealistic perfection, but it's within your control to make them more conducive to the ends you need to achieve. In the final analysis, you can go down the gym, or out for a walk, or get the exercise bike on ebay, or buy the right foods or whatever.

Motivation? Again, that's within your control. What are you waiting for, some 'grown up' to come along and tell you to do it, like some five year old?

Sorry, don't agree with you on that one.




Thank you for your wise words, Doikops.

To see my weight as consequences of my own unhelpful eating habits is certainly empowering. I know I can do something about it. Become aware and change habits.

Eating habits are the cause, weights gain/ loss the effect.


Thanks for inspiration Diokosp, I started plan beginnig of Feb but had crisis on wk3 so went back to my comfort eating habits & have spiralled out of control since. Still reading everyones blogs but not found motivation so far to break cycle. So today is my new start have printed Wk1 food & activity chart, not yet got on scales, its time to ditch my old habits one day at a time :)


Hi Micky10

I would invite you to do the 12 week plan together. I have just filled in my measurements, 101.7 kg and 110cm waist.

Let me know.


Hi bodo10,

Thanks i would love the support of doing the 12wk plan together.

My starting measurements are 10st 13lb & 37in waist which if conversion table i found is correct 69.4 kg & 95cm waist.

My BMI is very top of healthy weight limit, it is my waist measurement which i have read is unhealthy have turned into an apple shape or humpty dumpty & cholestrol is to high as well 6.9 at last blood test.


Good morning, Micky10

Hope you had a good start to the 12 week plan. I have registered my calories in the printout yesterday. I am just about under my daily allowance. Need to watch it.

How did you get on?


Morning, I also had a good start, was just under my calories minimal exercise spent day catching up on paperwork but no mindless snacking :)


Good morning, Micky10

Hope things are going well for you.

I have registered my calories daily. Need to be careful not to go over my allowance.

Been cycling to work every day but have not done any strength exercises. Don't like the gym. Need to find something I can do at home.

Please let me know how you get on.


Ho bodo10,

You may just find it a more palatable way to do strength exercises - I bought an old Bullworker X5 off of ebay a while back. I used to use one years ago, but it has really helped me shape up and you can do it at home, in your own time and space.

I'm sure there are various more modern devices too - without buying some huge and expensive home gym arrangement that you'd probably need a new home to fit it all into!


Thanks, I had a look on ebay. I will let you know how I get on.


Just got a Bullworker on ebay. Should get it next week. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again for the tip.


Hi bodo10,

Impressed your cycling in this cold weather, I've got a stepper which i use at home. Eating wise had another two good days was out yesterday lunched in SpuduLike jacket potato & baked beans, no butter or cheese and enjoyed it. Was disappointed walked 7hrs around shops only 6100 steps then lost my step-counter on the way home :( Its been a funny week on holiday trying to catchup on paperwork, work being done on the house, decided that next weekend I will try swimming


Sorry but 100 years ago there weren't fast good chains nor did people go out a d eat in restaurants which don't always offer healthy choices. Nor we're there as many overweight people due to more active lifestyles and less food availability but hey obviously your an expert on that and my 'MONKEY' mind isn't capable of understanding that. Well I do so enjoy reading your comments for light entertainment :-)


1 - who said you had to go into the fast food chain shop?

2 - how many times are you going to unhealthy restaurants??

3 - food is more accessible and there is a wider range of foods but who said you had to eat them instead?

The weight I put on is my fault, so its my job to get it back off again. Which includes no fast food, proper food shopping with lots of veg and fruit, plus amended diet and exercise when, on occasion, I am called to a party or meal out (plus choosing the best option of a bad bunch). THAT is what the 12 week plan is about. Learning to deal with life's situations whilst living a healthier lifestyle to lose weight, not blaming them.


Good luck!


Oh off down gym now I could ask your 'expert' advice but I think I'll stick to people who know what they are doing as obviously this 'five' year old cant manage on her own, well not with my monkey mind! Good job I've got a sense of humour. Shame you didn't answer question about how many times you have dieted? I have a feeling we wouldn't agree on much but I like to keep on open mind so good luck with your habit changing obviously as its easy you will soon be at target and can continue to annoy those normal people that do struggle, lets hope they are the ones I continue to keep in touch until we too eventually get to our goals :-)


Hi Aussieblues, Hope you enjoyed your session in the gym yesterday


I did thanks and personal trainer was free so gave me a quick boxing session it was fun venting my annoyance :-)


Good for your. Sound like it was something you needed.


Thanks for you blogs doikosp - it's good to keep in mind that we are in control - it isn't always easy but we have to believe its within our power to change.



Good to hear an argument going on!



Oh Dear, thanks everyone for making me laugh so much, I have had a terrible week and gained the 8lbs I had lost and after reading the above "discussions" I realise that we all have our different struggles. I agree with Doikosp that it is relatively easy to lose weight but I am stating the obvious when I say you really need to be in the right frame of mind and very organised but I also understand where Aussieblues is coming from with the comment that it is difficult to eat out because the choices are limited unless you want a plain steak and a jacket potato which are not great without a dolop of butter. As for me, I fully understand where I am going wrong, last week I was in a hotel for 4 days and every day I ordered the full English Breakfast with fried egg, toast & butter, as I was waiting I heard others around me ordering poached eggs, 1 slice of bacon and a grilled tomato (Yes you've guessed it, these people were not overweight) I NEED TO MAKE BETTER CHOICES! I NEED TO MAKE BETTER CHOICES............Starting again today,Good luck Everyone xx


Hi fellow Koala bear! Your "I need to make better choices!" mantra made me laugh this morning. You are so right. How wonderful to finish every day with the thought "Today I chose the best food for my body".


Hi RoRoMama, I wish I had been following my mantra today, I got to 3pm and the tuck shop cupboard was screaming at me, although I'm past (it's that time of the month) phase I still think it affects me as every three weeks I have cravings for something sweet which at other times I can resist. I will be good tomorrow (fingers crossed and mouth shut). Good luck on your weight loss journey. X


well losing weight can be easy but not for everyone, ive alwqays ate healthy an been fairly active, i dont however eat enough and the added hurdle of IBS doesnt help, no amount of fibre helps me and yes ive been there read the book on treatments both medical homeopathic and extreme, been seeing surgeons since i was a kid, no apparent medical reason my body shouldnt work, the ony thing that does help is the ocassional alcoholic binge at that time of the moneht and it all works fine !!!! but im not a big drinker so thats not the answer. I am at the moment doing the 12 week plan and have also joined the gym and this time round my healthier lifestyle is easier and the miraculous answer to my prayers ??? my new bf !!! see the thing is as a single mum who works full time im out the house 11 hours per day and as my kids are all young theres very little free time after picking them up and dropping them off at various childcare providers before and after work to get active, yes theres the weekends but not every weekend we are free and for any experts on here im sure the advice would be the same the key to any diet is ROUTINE !!!!!!!

unless youre able to be consistent day in day out and work to a structued program of eating and exercise your body doesnt know what its doing and holds onto the excess fat/energy and stores it because it doesnt know what to expect from one day to the next in diet terms this is known as starvation mode !!!

dieting is easy when you have the time, money and support to stick to a reasonably regimented plan


i kinda lost the thread about the bf bit, hes helping alot picking the kids up and preparing meals and helping with the housework so meaning less time doing these things more time exercising and planning meals forward


Hi geemel79,

Lots of people have pretty chaotic lifestyles these days, and pretty demanding ones and for all sorts of different reasons.

And, for sure, it's not easy to always find a way around putting some routine around your eating habits, but perhaps for you, as you work, you might find it more helpful to try to 'hang' at least some of your meals / snacks onto your work regime.

I've certainly found that approach surprisingly helpful as I'm inclined to be a bit like the metaphorical headless chicken. O.K. it doesn't work 100% perfectly every day - but it mainly works most of the time.

One of the tricks - is that the right word? - of encouraging your body to stay in fat burning mode and not going into fat storage mode is keeping you blood sugar from going too high or too low.

So avoiding the sweeter foods and drinks, or hiding them within less sweet things, so you don't have a blood sugar spike, and snacking so that you don't go without food at all for more than about 3 or 4 hours to stop it going too low. Of course, as we're talking human bodies, it's not as simple as that and there are many other things like sleeplessness, stress, infections, etc., that can also put the body into fat storing mode.

You might just find you can hang at least some eating routine, say morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack, onto your work routines and /or your journey into and back from work.

And also, remember the exercise thing isn't just about 'sporty' things, it's about activities. And running around after young children keeps most people pretty active!

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


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