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End of Week 1 - Weigh In

Weight - 800g gone :)

Bust - 5cms gone :)

Waist - 2.5cms gone :)

Hips - 1cm gone :)

To be honest at first, when I got on my scales this morning, I was a bit disappointed that I'd only lost about a 1lbs. I felt cheated that all the effort it took to watch my calorie consumption had only helped me lose one pound (800grams) in weight rather than my expected 2lbs (1kg) but then I took my measurements and I could see my size was reducing :) Hubby was very supportive, reminding me that not only is this is only my 1st week but I'm menstruating too (I'm always telling him how I feel that I'm retaining water, feel bloated & heavy during my periods - wow he does listen when I'm talking to him ;) Lol!)

So, actually I'm happy with this start :) and look forward to many more successful weeks ahead of me :)

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Hi Tabytha,

Look at it differently.

You didn't gain any weight - so you're starting to turn your 'bad' habits around, you're beginning to bring about a change.

That's both good and important.

Extra bonus - you've lost a pound.

Keep riding the weight-loss bus.


Well done, Tabytha.

You have managed the fist week. I am sure the first week is the hardest. And 800g is not far of 1kg.

Good luck with week two.


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