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Week Five

Can't believe I am already at week five - well I will be tomorrow, but easier to write my weekly blog this evening what with it being a bank holiday tomorrow. Plus it gives me something to do this evening and keep away from the eggs which my teenagers are eating.

I needed a change this week and it came from learning about calorie counters. I have downloaded the Myfitnesspal app and its fab. Its sooooo easy to record everything and have it all worked out for you - I find it very motivating.

So, a month is a big milestone for me and I am hoping that in this second month I can really start to notice some changes in how my trousers are fitting. Treated myself to a couple of new tops from the charity shop during my lunch hour last week - this helps me feel better about myself and hopefully as the weeks so by I can treat myself to something new in a smaller size - plus it helps the charity.

So, week five - armed with my calorie counter app, I am ready for you. . .

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Hi swimmingbunny,

Go for it! Just, go for it!

What have you got to lose?

Well you know exactly what you have to lose and you won't half feel good about it when it's gone!

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Thanks Doikosp, it was reading your posts where I learned about the calorie counters which are available - this was a revelation to me and was just what I needed to give me something new to try.


Hi swimming bunny

I am on week 5 today. I got weighed this morning another pound gone. Yippee I should say, except I have lost 2 lbs other weeks. However, onwards I go. I know, I know I can't expect to lose every week but I do.

Stay lucky. Lol cheerful one.


Well done you on keeping on losing weight. I have decided not to weigh myself until I get to week 12 and just go by how my clothes are fitting . It just works best for me not to get hung up on numbers.


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