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Lose, lose, gain, lose ah weight seesaw!

Well 3 weeks on diet and first two weeks excellent especially for me! Third week more wobbly (lol) as had birthday, anniversary and of course Easter today so expected to stuff face with chocolate? So reminding myself that in life there are always going to be difficult weeks but its making sure the seesaw is weighted ( or unweighted ) towards the loser side and not the 'hey chubby are you getting fatter' side ;-) see this is where I usually go, that's it its not working and use as excuse to give up and pig out, problem is reading all your blogs etc had made me realise no good fibbing to self so lets go for week three and be positive, mind you going to go for sunny walk so if do eat a little bit of choc egg I know I've worked for it. Happy Easter ;-) remember only a day and you can always give eggs away as always others that have none x

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I love your post, you can do it you can do (cheers with pompoms), you are damn right. No more excuses, no more lying to ourselves.

Have a lovely walk :) Its sunny where I am, not sure what its like where you are..

Bec x


Thanks well it was sunny so walk was lovely although its cloudy now feel better for having been out in sun :-) yep I'm good at excuses but decided the only one I was kidding was me! So when the diet breakers offer me choc and cake I don't say I'm on diet cos you get ' go on one won't hurt' prob does for me it can so now I fib and say sorry but tum playing up ( well it will if I keep over feeding it lol) or nah gone off ....whatever the offer is but thanks anyway, funny thing is then they don't keep pushing you to eat the 'treat' they want to tempt you with, you have to admit its a funny world we live in :-) good luck wish I had dog to walk as cat won't go on lead and I'd get weird looks, happy Easter x


It is weird isn't it.. We live in a world that values thin and health yet people automatically want to tell you 'don't be stupid' 'your not fat' and like you said they practically ram food down your throat when you say your on a diet.. It truly is very odd..

Glad you had a good walk.. Oh believe me, some times I wish I didn't have a dog to walk. He's a pain in the backside on the lead but he is getting better :)

Happy Easter x


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