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Friday Weigh In

Loss/gain: -2lb

Loss to date: 10.8lb (reached first target)

I'm chuffed with reaching my first goal but fell a little bit of a fraud. I lost my appetite in the middle of the week as I was feeling a bit poorly. I think this has helped keeping calorie count down. I still managed most of my exercise which I'm pleased about.

Goals this week: keep up the exercise. Maintain weight- I think it'll be hard for me to lose this week due to planned family meals this weekend and friends visiting next week.

Hope you've all had a good week. Happy Easter.

Happy healthy eating!

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Well done on reaching your target. Setting targets/goals is really sensible and your target this week for weight maintenance is especially sensible. I too have family meals this weekend (my mum does a 3 course feast for the whole family - 9 of us and she is a bit old fashioned insofar as she wont cater for individuals, we all eat the same, no messing. and she gets upset if you dont clear your plate) but I have a week to recover! Good luck this week and Happy Easter.


Hi innerslim,

Good stuff, well done.

As for the fraud bit - well it's more likely that your body put fat burning on hold whilst it was dealing with the infection, actually, so it's unlikely that the loss of appetite really made much difference if any.

Family meals - well it's a bit like eating out. There's a few strategies like sharing a desert, trying to avoid the fattier bits like the sauces and gravies, but it usually comes down to a 'pay back the account day' (or two) in the following days.

If you make it the 'big-meal-of-the day' and have a smaller meals and smaller snacks either side of it, you might not come out all that badly at the end of the day.

(I usually found it wasn't so much the meal, but the endless rounds of further eating that went on for the rest of the day - tea or coffee with some cake, everyone? oh let's open that nice big box of chocolates we've been saving! etc., etc. Mind you, truth be told,' my old fat friend' - my former self - loved it!)


Well done innerslim a loss is a loss no matter what caused it. Celebrate it and use the momentum to keep you going :)


(I think the Easter Weekend is going to give us all worries, but as Doikosop suggests - we'll just have to adjust our eating & exercising to compensate)


Well done innerslim, you are an inspiration, thank you


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