Hi! I am from a Caribbean background and we tend to eat food associated with the home. What can I do to eat healthier and retain my culture?

Also I have had two Caesarian sections and this have left me with an apron of fat deposited over my pubic area as have gained weight. Apart from overall exercise which I will in-coperate into my diet is there anything else I can do to minimize this area and it's appearance?


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  • Hi Helcat,

    I'm kind of assuming that you are sure that this 'apron' IS fat.

    If it is, - assuming you are currently overweight - it will probably go as you deal with your overweight.

    Basically, some bit somewhere is going to be the last bit of fat to shift!

    If it's not fat, or you're not sure, I'd suggest talking to your GP or nurse as to what is the best way forward and whatever inconvenience and/or risk that might involve.

    It might be a case of some body sculpting exercises focussed on that area, or it might be one of those things you will just have to learn to live with. (A bit like my double chins!) ,

    Good luck.

  • Lol! Thanks Doikosp

  • Hi

    Thought I might be able to reassure you a bit about the apron of fat as I had exactly the same thing. Ive had 2 babies and the second one was breech from about 30 weeks and delivered by c section. I was also left with a huge apron of fat - kind of like a shelf that i could lift up! I was overweight when I was pregnant the second time round and put on a lot more afterwards. She's six next month and i only started dieting the end of august last year so it had been there a long time. Ive now lost 4 stone and have nearly finished. My fat apron is so much smaller now and is the last little bit to go. Ive been amazed by the fact that so much of it has dissappeared through dieting as i thought id need to do lots of sit ups to tone it up. I have done the couch to 5k programme and now run 5k every other day too which i think has helped. Stick with the diet and exercise and it will go - and I promise you you'll feel amazing when it does! Its lovely to finally not look pregnant anymore!

  • Thank you very much Greyhoundmummy! I fell quite inspired and hopeful knowing that I will loose this area of fat and feel better and more confident. I will stick to the diet and exercise as planned and let you know how this is going.

  • You're very welcome! Its excellent to be able to inspire you. Id love to know how you're getting on so make sure you let me know. Oh, and if you find it hard give me a shout and i'll support you. It can be hard going at time but now im nearly at the end I can safely say its been very worthwhile and incredibly satisfying. Good luck

  • Hello Greyhoundmummy! I am quite excited about the journey I am taking to get fit and healthy. I am going to be doing the Insanity Challenge for the next month incooperated with healthy eating. I hope that the weather will improve too as it will give me the incentive to eat more salads and fruits instead of craving for carbs. I know that I have a long way to go as I would like to loose around 6 stones. I am pacing myself and going for it as I would really like to be fit and able to run and play with my four year old. I have no doubt that at times I will find it quite hard but kowing that I have the support of you and many others will make this journey a lot easier. Thank you again for the encouragement and good luck on the rest of your journey too.

  • HI there, all three of my birth children were born by c-section and I too have the apron you mention. Five stone less of me has resulted in the apron being much smaller - so the combination of healthy eating and exercise definately does work! As I continue on my healthy lifestyle, I am looking forward to this reducing even more. Don't think I will ever be wearing a bikini though as the stretch marks are very noticable, but I look on them as a badge to say that I have carried three wonderful, gorgeous children, so am not bothered about them. One piece swimming cossies are much more flattering anyway!

    Very best of luck on your journey and well done for taking the first step.

    Don't know anything about Carribean food, but do know that spices are very good for you when eating healthily. One of my favourite recipes from the Hairy Dieters book is Jambalaya and I think that is Carribean? Have a look on the internet for suggestions and calories of spices and sauces that you normally use.

  • Thank you notsobigmama! I remain incouraged and happy about my decision to get fit and healthy. I do cook with lots of spices and think that maybe I should give up on trying to eat culturally for the time being and try to eat lots more vegetables and fruit instead. I am embarking on the Insanity Challenge as today and hope that I will be able to see recognisable diffrence within a month. I had a trial session yesterday and I can see the benefits of sticking to the programme as I was exhausted and quite energised afterwards. Good luck on your continued journey and congratulations for getting this far. Thank you, Helcat.

  • A lot of the food is cooked in oil with a kind of oily gravy so cutting back on that and not so much hard food - yams and green bannanas are just bad for you unless you have a 10hr a day manual job :) I agree with the veg option although my mother always thinks they should be dowsed with a knob of butter!

  • Hi Prin! Yeah plenty of yams, dasheen and green bananas to go around but I have cut these out during the week and have them only on weekend while controlling portions. Unfortunately my job is 8 hours and for most of that I am sitting down. So fat things are going really ell I have already lost 4lbs and can feel the diffrence in the waist of most of my clothing. Soldier on and let's all achieve our goals and dreams.

  • i also had 3 c sections and hoping my apron will go with the weight loss the only thing that concerns me is i already know im badly scarred and worried the weight loss and stretching may cause problems to the already tender scar tissue, this was supposed to be removed after my youngest was a year shes now 7 i never did go get it done, did scarring cause you any discomfort and did this quickly go away ?

  • Hello Geeme179! More and more encouraging news about the "apron of fat disappearing," thank you! In regards to discomfort I cant say that I did have any. What I realised though is that this area is kind of numb and dont even speak to me about stretch marks. More like stretch craters....lol! In regards to your scar tissue. If you are thinking of getting it removed I really hink you should dodit after your weight loss so that the healing process will be easier. Good luck on your journey.

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