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Fed up being tired, uninterested in everything and over weight!!!


Fed up being tired, uninterested in everything and over weight!!!

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So what is your plan? Trying to change everything at once when you're feeling like this could end up leaving you feeling a little overwhelmed. Try and make one small change each day and slowly you can start to change how you feel.

Good luck :)


Hi cait29,

Perhaps you should have a discussion with your GP - what you're describing could be a whole lot of different things.

You don't mention how overweight or what your BMI is, so it's hard to know whether the overweight thing is the main issue, or almost just an 'also ran'.

As it's third in the list, I'm inclined to think the tiredness/disinterest and mood aspect is probably the main issue and, perhaps even the overweight follows on from them through mechanisms such as comfort-eating or boredom-eating.

Whilst there are strategies for dealing with those sort of eating habits, just dealing with the weight issue may not necessarily stop you feeling tired, or stop you feeling disinterested / fed-up with things.

It might. But that may depend upon if there are other issues there that perhaps need to be addressed.

I've noticed that you seem to have deleted your ID already, so I'm not at all sure that you will read this,

Who knows?

Good luck with it all, whatever.

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