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Smash that BMI barrier!

I've lost 3 stone in about a year, by counting calories, and taking up exercise, including running for the first time since primary school (C25k). This week I lost another 2 lbs (much to my surprise as all the snow and cold has cut down my running), and my BMI was 24.9, so I've passed that barrier at last! I am very proud of myself, and feel and look tons better than this time last year. I feel reasonably confident that I can keep my weight down as I have made major lifestyle changes, mainly in terms of exercise - I still like my wine and have to ration chocolate and other favourite foods, but I balance it with exercise.

To anyone starting out on this programme: This NHS Choices approach really works! If I can do it, anyone can.

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Well done! Glad to see the feedback from someone who has completed the plan and stuck to it long term :)


Hi Soooz,

And you've even got the badge, too! Well done! As Mr Punch (or was it Judy?) would say - "That's the way to do it!"

I bet you can hardly remember what it felt like being your former self. I bet that not having to cart around that excess weight feels pretty good, too.

I've had to peddle back a tad on my efforts ini order to counter losing weight a bit too quickly - and that's trickier than I expected! So, good luck with now 'levelling out'.

I can't help but wonder how many clothes you've had 'taken in' by now.

And thanks for taking time to post that good news story.


Well done. 3 stone! Wow!

Thats my eventual goal but I have broken it down into smaller targets. My first target is to get under 13stone, then my next is to get out of the obese bmi range into the overweight. I will hopefully achieve both in the next few weeks, but reading blogs like yours makes them more real and achieveable. Thank you for sharing :)



Great reading Soozz posting.

I too am aiming at getting out of obese and in to overweight. I can only think of losing stone at a time, three would do my head in.



Wow! As you can see your success has had a positive effect on us all. Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts with us :) and showing us the light at the end of the tunnel :)

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend



Thanks for your lovely comments, this is the most brilliant community, so supportive. X


Well Done!! I started with 3 stone to lose to get into "normal" although I think I may need to lose a few more to get more comfortably into the category. I'm tall but despite the fat, I don't have a big build.

Got to the 1.5 stone lost mark today :) BMI now 28 and my fat levels are nearly on the scale - if I were 20 years older!!

It's good to hear good news and hope it inspires others to keep going.

I am already feeling better for it, I have more energy, a better mood and confidence is coming back a bit too. I find myself smiling more than I used to.

My holidays are at the beginning of July so don't think I'll completely hit my target, but another stone off by then would be great so that's my target.


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