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I have had a problem with my body since I hit puberty, I am now 21, I have a bit of fat that won't budge from my pubic area, makes me self conscious around men and in a bikini. I am not a large size, a good weight fairly skinny, however I have always had this issue. I have looked into liposuction however it's just too expensive. Is anyone aware of anything I could get under the NHS? It gets to me too much, I constantly work out trying to get rid of it but nothing happens and it's making me sad and depressed.

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Hi Martinh,

Everyone stores fat differently. Some people are 'pear-shaped' others are 'apple-shaped'. That's life. That said it sounds like watching what you eat and exercising regularly to try to lose weight could do the trick. It's way cheaper than liposuction and way healthier. If you have any concerns about it, you may want to have a chat with your GP.


Hi martinh,

I did try to answer earlier but the site kind of 'lost' the post.

I'm kind of assuming that you do actually know that this 'bulge' IS fat.

If it is, I would agree completely with Steve that - assuming you are currently overweight - it will probably go as you deal with your overweight.

Basically, some bit somewhere is going to be the last bit of fat to shift!

If it's not fat, or you're not sure, I'd suggest talking to your GP or nurse as to what is the best way forward and whatever inconvenience and/or risk that might involve.

It might be a case of some body sculpting exercises focussed on that area, or it might be one of those things you will just have to learn to live with. (A bit like my double chins!)

Good luck.


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