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Clothes Don't Fit

My clothes don't fit. These bits of material we use to hide our shame are now too good for me.

How they taunt me, humiliating me. "You used to once fit in me" is what I hear when I look at them.

I tried on a few. Didn't bother with the rest. What's the point? I know it won't fit. I can feel my self-esteem plummet as I can't wear my fav jacket that didn't expose my abnormally large arms.

The dress that made me look half decent now sits a bit too snugly against my belly. My enlarged and enlarging belly.

I find myself sitting in awkward positions trying to mask my bulge. My large love handles invading my back.

I've reached an all low and knowing this... Knowing that I'm at a point of 20Stone+ is still not motivating me to help myself.

How do I help myself. Where should I start?! I'm steadily searching, ransacking my wardrobe but I'm coming to the realisation that my clothes don't fit. - Yasmine Khalifa

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It sounds like you're defeated before you've even started. Why not start tomorrow as a new day and start taking the small steps given in the nhs plan to get healthier, fitter and slimmer. Then hopefully in 12 weeks you'll be taunting that favourite dress and jacket and saying yes I did once fit you but no longer as you're now too big.

Happy healthy eating!


Thank you for commenting innerslim and thank you for your kind words! I wanted to post something realistic to how I was feeling but believe me it doesn't mean I'm giving up before I started. It was just therapeutic to get that off my chest and I feel so much better today having finally admitting how I feel instead of keeping it all bottled up.


Hi Yasmine,keep in there you can do it you will get a lot of support from here everyone is great.keep us posted how your doing good or bad


Thank you so much I will.


Very well done yasminekhalifa, I think you starting with getting stuff off your chest is fantastic way to start. You go girl, you can do it.

xxx Maggie


Thank you!


Hi Yasminekhalifa, you've started the journey by finding this website and wanting to change! Well done. And just think, those clothes will fit again (you might even need some smaller size ones eventually!. Like Maggie says, you can do this, we all have our struggles and backslidings but you can share them here with us. We understand AND we want you to succeed. Best of luck and keep in touch. Sue


Thank you Sue, I'm glad I've found this site. Everyone is amazing!


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