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Week Four

Tricky time as the novelty of starting a new way of eating is wearing off and I cant be a hermit all the time so have got into the realms of eating out.

Just need to keep going on the days when I am not eating out socially and not go too mad when I am eating out socially - simple!

Would love a bit of warm weather to encourage me to get out walking. . .

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I have been where you are and it's quite settling knowing I'm not the only one going through it. Having the motivation to be healthier and as time goes by, inevitably so does the 'novelty' like you said. These times I think we just need to try harder. Thanks for sharing.


We are all in the same boat :) and yes it would be much easier to be "active" if it still wasn't so blasted cold! {bbrrrr}




Thanks for your comments - its nice to know someone reads what you write!! I am finding this site very helpful and motivating to keep on going.


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