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Hi everyone. Day 1 for me as yesterday, I wasn't going to do a blog but then thought 'what the hell' so this is just saying hi and my stats. I am 23 years old, I am 5'3, I weigh 97kg, my waist is 121.5cm and I wear a uk size 20.

My goal is for my waist to be roughly 80cm or fit into a uk size 14 whichever comes first :)

I will update this blog every monday with my progress like most of you lovely people!


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  • Hi and welcome. I too am aiming for a size 14 which would be wonderful.

  • Good Luck and I'm new too! Hopefully we can achieve our goals!

  • We can do it ladies! :)

  • Hello, you can do this, a year ago i was just under 15 stone and am now just over 11. It hasnt been easy or quick, but it has definatly been worth it.

    I have bad days but i dont let it get me down and i just carry on!

    1 more stone to go to be at my goal!

    Just remember to be kind to yourself if you have a bad day and pat yourself on the back when you have a good one!

    You can do it! Good luck :)

  • Aw well done thats great! Thank you :)

  • Hello lucyloo,

    I've just started too :)

    I decided to write a blog update each evening to keep me focused. I use Food Focus to tally up my calories too to save me another job Lol!

    I'm looking to get back the body I had before I started my family Lol!

    I've got 28lbs to shift... as to dress size, well that's another story .... as I'm 41 I shop quite a bit in M&S. The sneaky devils know who their target shoppers are: I'm a size 14 in their bottoms & size 18 in their tops. It's not true of course as I've still got ancient M&S trousers in my wardrobe size 18 that are actually narrower than the new size 14!! Although I appreciate M&S wanting to make me feel better I then feel really bad when going into ANY other retailer on the high street and can't squeeze into a size 20 :(

    I think the important thing here is to feel good about ourselves, not to get out of breath running to catch a bus and not to dread "going shopping" ;)


  • That is exactly why i am doing it, im so unfit and hate going shopping when i use to love it!

  • Hi LucyLoo

    Day 2 for me too, similar weight, slightly taller and very much older. Good luck to you, I am sure you will do it.

    Look forward to reading your posts.

  • I am a similar height, weight and age to you so would love to keep up with your progress :)

    I also have a similar goal, would like to be able to get in to a 14 again and at some point a 12! It is going to be a long journey but I am more than ready.

    What exercises are you doing or are you mainly focusing in food changes at the moment? Good luck!


  • Aw thats great, i do 20 mins of zumba on the wii after work. On my days off (2 days a week) im planning to do zumba in the morning a 3mile walk in the afternoon :) what about you?

  • Hi LucyLoo

    I too have just started. Day 1 Tuesday and it was a succesful day for me given that I could have fallen at the first hurdle at just after 9.00am. One of the girls in the office (who is a member of a multinational slimming club!) brought in HUGE cream filled jammy iced buns as she felt like having a naughty day. I wavered... and thought I won't start today I shall start tomorrow. BUT.....I only wavered for seconds and thought NO, I need to practice saying No and learning to make better choices. Good luck to you, I hope we are both succesful.x

  • Well done to you! Don't know if i could if done that! I am going to start doing the same, its time for change :)

  • That sounds good :) you have a nice grasp on the exercise!

    I am doing the 30 day shred as I got bored of just being on the treadmill. On day 8 today! I try and add some walking in too, I try and get my fiance out with me for a 1 mile walk a couple of times a week, he isn't a fan of going out for walks so I'm going to go for some more by myself too soon.


  • Sounds good, i have a dog so i have no choice but to out, my mum drags me along :)

  • Hi I started two weeks ago im 52 . i want to get to 9st 7lb lost nothing again this week I've been doing weight watchers for about 10 months lost 6 lb but have been stuck for over 7weeks at the same 10st 6lb 5oz so left weight watchers so counting calories it's hard I nordic walk 1-3 mile a day with my dog storm . So I need to motivate my self again but with Easter round the corner and I love chocolate . I will keep you posted .

  • Losing weight is hard, i mean this is my third attempt at it! But what i have learnt is never give up! If you put the hard work in you will be rewarded :) this is why i love this site because everyone is in the same boat and supporting each other :)

  • Hi All, I agree, losing weight is hard, you need to constantly be on your guard but when i have had a good day/week I try to remember how good that makes me feel. Holidays and weekends are my biggest challenges, and getting back on track after a bad week is really hard but I'm picturing myself in a size 14 dress (currently squeezing into size 18) I lost 8 lbs in first week but put on 4lbs in week 2 after a holiday, I was thinking of going back to a Slimming Club on Tuesday but have decided to continue with this plan and save the money I would have spent in the next 10 weeks. Realistically I could lose around 20lbs in that time which should take me down a dress size, watch this space, food planner at the ready. Look forward to reading all of your helpful blogs. Take care x

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