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Monday weigh in

Weight (lbs): 166.6 >>> 163.8

Waist (in): 38 >>> 37.5

BMI 27.62 >>> 27.11

2.8 lbs loss this week.

Only one weights session done as I skipped the gym on Friday.

Made up for it with another ski session on Saturday night tho.

I will be driving up to Scotland on Sunday for some real snow, so will weigh on Fri/Sat and record then.


> 2 lbs loss

> 2 weights sessions at gym

> Carry on building up walking to running after injury

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Monday weigh in:

Weight (stones and pounds): 14 stone 10.4 pounds >>>14 stone 7.8 pounds.

Lost 2.6 pounds this week. Very pleased!

Goals: To continue weight loss this week and exercise regularly. Trying to run for 5km on the treadmill. Would also like to do some weight training sessions. Another goal is to try not to overeat chocolate over the Easter weekend! Limiting myself to a small chocolate egg (hopefully!).

Good luck to everyone on their goals this week, and well done to you Bunblebeaz on your excellent week! :-) Good luck with your drive to Scotland on Sunday. Hope you have a safe journey.


Thank you lowcal. Well done you, you've lost a good amount of weight this week yourself!

If you do get stuck on your egg, remember not to chuck the towel in and binge. Think if it as a blip, move on and start a fresh the next day. You can always adjust calories and up your exercise to compensate.


last week I was 199.2 >>>>> 198.6

waist measurement 41" >>>>>40.5

went swimming with kids during the week two 30 min sessions of actual lengths mix of breast stroke and crawlhad a mcdonalds and some chocolate during the week

off to perth saturday night so possibly going to go skiing sat and sunday already went swiming last night and probably go another two sessions after work, the big difference in me doing so well is my new bf hes helping out lots so making kids dinner and meeting me at the pool means i dont have to pick kids up and prepare dinners so gives me a free hour !!!


Good advice re: the Easter egg, Bunblebeaz - thanks for that!

Well done on your weight loss, Geemel79. Swimming sounds like good exercise.


Hi Bunblebeaz - that's a great result. Do you remember answering my question last week when I'd over-eaten whilst off work with a throat infection? Well I took your advice and put it behind me and didn't 'stress' about it and the result was that I lost 6.75lb at my first weigh-in yesterday !! I'm delighted and wanted you to know that you really helped me see a few jaffa cakes and a hot x bun as a minor blip and not to panic about it (which would have lead to an all out binge!) Thanks for your support and good luck for the coming week.:)


Yep, and well done on your weight loss. That's a great start!

This is what the forums are for, for help and support so if you have a question or are getting fed up or just feeling plain crap then come on here and have a vent!

Good luck for the coming week :)


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