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It's all gone a bit wrong, no it's gone terribly wrong. Last week was horrendous, I didn't track a single thing and although I kept up the activity my food and drink choices were rubbish.

I am now on day 1 of week 4 and feeling really low, I know it takes hard work and commitment but I just wish I felt better about myself.

Off on holiday next week, and clothes shopping always makes me feel awful. Went in my lunchbreak today and almost ended up in tears in the changing rooms.

This is possibly the most honest and open thing I have ever shared with complete strangers but just felt like I needed to vent.

I am trying my best today to stay within my calories and make wise choices with those calories.

Sorry for offloading. I hope you are all having a good week

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Well you had a bad week and its upsetting, but think about this:

- You did your exercise. It will still have burned off some of the calories you ate, and you will be fitter for it :)

- You have decided to get back on the bus after falling off it :)

You're also in the great position of knowing what you did wrong, which means you can fix it!

No need to worry about the vent or the offload, this is what the blog is for. I hope writing it down and sharing has made you feel better, and also closed the door on last week so that you can carry on before your holiday.


But the fact that you have posted on here and you know things went a little off track last week show that you have made that commitment, if you hadnt or didn't care you would just stop posting.

Don't be too hard on yourself when thinks don't go to plan, pick yourself up and carry on!

And as for the changing room thing...i think we have all been there, i defiantly have!

You can do this, just take each day as it comes and be kind to yourself. :)

Good luck


Thank you for your supportive words. I am going for a run tonight, have already counted calories of dinner and am feeling in a much better place now.

Thanks :)


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