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Coca Cola Advert

I've seen the new coke advert a few times over the past week or so - and it feels very strange watching it.

The advert shows you what you can do to burn off the 139 calories in a can of coke. They add up walking the dog, having a good laugh, dancing (and something else I can't remember). Link here:


Just wondering what everyone else thinks. Its nice that a company is aware of the calorie content of its products and is encouraging us to become more active to burn those calories off. Its done in a none pressurised, humorous way, to promote a better lifestyle. It ends with a promotion for coke zero as an alternative if you aren't going to get active as it has 0 calories.

The cynic in me though, it thinks this is just another clever marketing ploy to get more people to buy coke. The fact that people think they are thinking about the health of the consumer I'm sure isn't the main aim of the advert but if they have that image it all helps eh?

What does everybody else think?

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Hi bunblebeaz,

In my view it doesn't matter if it's 139 kcal in a can or 180 kcal in a bottle or whatever. The problem is that they come attached to zero nutrition.

What a waste of calorie intake!

I take the view - to quote an American doctor I heard on some webcast recently - that these sodas have no place in a healthy person's diet.

And - again in my view - it is about marketing. These soft drinks companies are increasingly coming in for stick as the so-called "obesity epidemic" gets worse and worse in many countries - especially the USA.

I heard recently that Pepsi have either talked about putting, or actually have put, liquid fibre into their drinks to try to give them a "healthy / good for you" image.

I mean that's like getting some Marmite (for the vitamin B) and spreading a bit of it on a deep-fried Mars bar and then calling that "healthy"!

And similar is true with so-called 'sports' drinks. Unless you are rather hammering it at the gym, then your probable best source of hydration is water. However, the manufacturers of these things would make out that if you so much as cough you'd better have a can/bottle of their drink to replace the lost energy.

Or perhaps I'm just getting a tad cynical in my old(er) age.


Yes I see where you're coming from.

Shame its tasty and stimulating.


So is coffee and tea!


Nah, not for me I dont do hot drinks *cue horrified stares*


So how about café frappe?

Make it yourself at home and you'll know what sweeteners (if any) are going into it. It's got to be cheaper that all that cola nonsense!


Ew! COLD coffee? Now that's even worse! TBH I don't drink a lot of anything really, stems from a childhood aversion to toilets other than the one at home (sorry TMI). Don't do tea/coffee etc just don't like the taste. Tend to stick to fruit juice or cordial and just use coke as a mixer or for when out on a mountain for energy. Switched to coke zero though a while ago for drinks but rarely have it. On the diet I have been drinking more water than anything else, and I've found I don't really need anything else.



just looked at the link and its pretty disgusting, obviously they are trying to stop the adverse publicity.

Coke isn't just about the calories, its about the sweetener they use, as far as i can see its HFCS in UK now, along with the sodium content and the caffeine.

Consider this

1 can of coke a day everyday for a year, i'm sure that's quite a common consumption within the population.

139 x 356 = 49,484 kcal

7,700 kcal = 1kg

49,484 / 7,700 = 6.42 kg

So according to cokes advert we just need to laugh for 7 hrs and 41 mins ( if my maths is correct) to lose 6,42 kg.

So this is where we as a nation are going wrong, the NHS dosent need dietitians, they need to hire comedians, So now more gym for me, im off to get a set of Billy connolly videos and laugh my last few Kilo's off. If it wasn't so sad i might have actually burnt some calories off watching coca cola's advert



".... the NHS dosent need dietitians, they need to hire comedians"

I can think of some NHS managers I know that I would describe as right flipin' jokers - but that's not what you meant, is it?



No, but that thought did cross my mind.

hence i used the term comedians not clowns, but that's nothing compared to the last time i was in a hospital here.

The private ward i was in gave me a set of menus for my lunch etc, which also included a KFC delivery one as the hospital had its own.


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