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Friday Weigh In

Morning All,

Don't know how I've managed it but I've lost the lb I gained last week and an extra 0.6lb. I'm pleased but surprised. The reason I'm so shocked is that I have eaten alot of the wrong stuff again this week.

On looking back at my calories it would appear that I have eaten, on average, 2020 cals per day. I've done a 7km and two 5km treadmill runs and I'm still breastfeeding so think this has compensated for the extra calories. As 1.6lbs is a good amount to lose I think I prob need to be looking at aiming for more than 1400cals anyway. However, not an extra 600 made up of chocolate.

Aim this week is to cut out/down on the sweet stuff (again), keep exercising and have a good run up to the Easter weekend.

Happy healthy eating!

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Hi innerslim,

Two thoughts really:

1) Think how much you might have lost if you had not been eating all the wrong stuff!

2) A LITTLE of what you fancy..... If you keep the treats to small and occasionally - you can slip them in here and there without rail-roading your weight-loss efforts.

I used to have a big problem with chocolate and chocolate-covered things like Twix, KitKat, etc. "Oh I feel peckish, I'll just nip into this shop and buy ..." yep - you guessed - a can of sweet fizzy pop and a couple of chocolate bars, Crunchie, Mars, Snickers, whatever!

There's usually three reasons behind this.

One is it gives you a bit of a sugar hit - not particuarly helpful for those losing weight as that can trigger you into fat storage mode. Two, it contains some caffeine-like substances which are stimulants and also give you a bit of a hit. Three, it's a good source of B vitamins.

You may just find that taking a B complex vitamin supplement, or eating other vitamin B rich foods, eases your desires for chocolate.

Also, you could eat chocolate in much more healthy ways. For example, blackberries, blueberries or raspberries with some zero fat yoghurt and just a tad of chocolate grated on the top (or a sprinkle of cocoa powder).

You'll probably find you'll notice the 'chololateness' much more and you'll also be getting the chocolate accompanied by a lot of other nutrients.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Well done! I remember the breastfeeding days - watching myself get slimmer as the baby got fatter!!

Another 2lbs off for me this week :)

It's my anniversary on Saturday and we will go out for a meal and I will have a glass of wine which I haven't touched since January.......but I wont go overboard if I can stay the same next week I will be happy enough!


Well done!

As for me I weighed in at 79.7kg this morning. Only about a 0.5kg loss for this week but it is the first time my weight has been below 80kg for quite a few years. That makes a total of about 9kg lost in total since January this year. I will just need to keep going towards a healthy weight and avoid the easter eggs :)


Hi albionjen

9 kgs over 10/11 weeks? That's really is absolutley fine. In fact that's almost text book stuff. It's fair and square within the recommended rate of loss.

And I know how your feel - I thought much the same when I came in below 15 stone.

I probably have been below 15 stone at some point in my adult life .... but I can't actually remember when!


Thanks for the support.

I have definately taken a different approach to weight loss this time (past efforts were reversed once I stoped the diet). I'm trying to make changes that I can keep to long term rather than trying to reach my target weight as quickly as possible. Seems to be working so far



Not been a good week for exercise only managed to hit the spin bike and no upper body weights due to a lightly sprained wrist,

manage to lose 2.6kg however had to really watch what i was eating as i found i was hitting the coffee too much, oh well wrist should be better next week


Hi Bkkbull,

I kinda know the feeling.

The exercise thing has gone a bit haywire for me this week too. Partly because I've had this bug thing that's been doing the rounds and also because my dog has had a problem with his leg, so I've not been throwing and kicking balls around for him, just plain walking him.

But, I've got to under 93 kgs (13 kgs down) which is my 'halfway point' to a normal BMI and which I scheduled for by end of week 13 and I'm just at the end of week 10, so I'm a bit ahead of the game which means really my weight loss is a tad too fast.

Good luck with your continued journey.


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