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Happy with result

Yesterday I weighed myself and another kilo gone. Total weigh loss since January 2013 is 6.5 kilos. A stone lost. I am also a bit more active, trying to move more at work. On top of it, got half of my work mates changing their diet as well. Snacks in the office are now fresh fruit rather than chocolate and doughnuts. I went from obese class 3 down to obese class 2. And I keep going, a little at a time.

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well done thats a great achievement, but also what a great idea bringing workmates to a new healthy lifestyle. Goes to show that setting the example is the best way.

Seriously well done, nice example to us all


Hi Macagnan,

Another not bad snack idea, which for some odd reason people don't seem to think of, is tomatoes. Or perhaps a rice cake or two with just a tad of lite soft cheese (e.g. Philly mini's) and a bit of freshly ground pepper, or perhaps a bit of fresh red pepper. It's easier to devise nice sensible snacks when there's a little group of you.

And my lower desk drawer used to be full of Twix, KitKat, Belvita and all sorts, too. Not any more!

Well done and Good Luck with the rest of your weight loss journey.


I really like carrot sticks, sugar snaps and little plum tomatoes as snacks. I do not have a sweet tooth, and it seems always harder to find low calorie savoury snacks. Thank you for the support. It really helps!


Well done especially as workmates can often undo the good work of weight loss and you seem to have converted them :-)


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