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3 Half Marathons this Year

Hi all,

About 2 year ago I reached my ideal weight and size through running, dieting and adopting a healthy lifestyle I went from 21stone to 15stone in a year, Then when I reached my goal I sort of relaxed and and fell back into my prev weight...Now I want all that back because I was more confident and happy in myself...

So this year I've decided I want that back and have signed up for 3 half marathons starting with Humberbridge Half Marathon, Great North Run & Lacanster Half Marathons all in that order.

I will be posting my progress as I get along I'm hoping I can beat my PB in a half marathon of 1 hr 56 mins...

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Hi mabacks,

You know, I'm not sure if I'm reading that right.

If you're saying you lost 6 stones over the course of a year and since then have gone back up to 21 stone, then my only comment would be that a) you know what to do and b) you know that you can actually do it.

But this time - if I've read your post correctly - focus on making changes in your lifestyle that stay changed.

As you may well have proven, going back to the old ways of eating and exercise/activity and you're also going back to the old weignt / BMI / waistline etc that goes with it.

Good luck.


Thanks its a very long road I'll keep you posted on my progress...


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