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My new life

As I've reached the halfway mark, and starting week 7 I thought I'd have a mini reflection on the past weeks.

Looking back to the first few days I was starving - and going to the toilet every 20 minutes with all the water I was drinking! Now I have adjusted my eating and sticking to the diet and I feel as if my stomach has shrunk and I can now feel full after a much smaller plate of food.

I've understood where my junk eating comes from - boredom. Whether its at work or being at a loose end at the weekend. Now I don't leave the office and if I do , I do not take my purse with me so I cannot buy anything from the shop. There's not much crap food either in the house to snack on so I have to make do with fruit, drink, or nothing.

But the best way to beat this is to keep busy, so lately we have been making the effort to leave the house on the weekend during the day - even if its just for food shopping so there is less temptation.

Exercise - tried different machines in the gym and have decided that I'm definitely a gym bunny! Figured that my favourite thing to do is intervals on the treadmill (inclined). And I've gotten into a routine with gym sessions so now I feel like my arm has been chopped off if I don't go.

Drinking - not a massive drinker but I've realised that the cider at the weekly pub quiz wasn't doing me any good. Not been for a while but I think I will find something else to drink instead.

In all, I feel like I'm getting back to sensible me, using the knowledge I have about exercise and eating and putting it into practice rather than thinking 'I'm thin and can eat whatever I want'. Maybe that used to be true, but it isn't any more!

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Its great to read such a positive blog. Well done and thanks for the motivation.

Kismet. xx


Hi bundlebeaz,

Feels good, doesn't it?

Suddenly, food isn't controlling you and your weight and your fitness, you're controlling it. You've taken charge of the situation.

And let's not pull our punches here - it's not just 'sensible' you, it's also fitter, healthier you and a you that is better able to meet the demands that are put upon you by day-to-day life.

And I know what you mean about the activity / exercise thing. I've skipped some exercise recently as I've had a bit of a bug. I got back into it this morning and it felt like how you feel when you visit an old familiar place, say that place you used to go on holiday, or that you used to play at when you were a kid.

It's like your body says "hey, I remember this!"

Well done.


Congratulations on your achievements. You have inspired me - thank you.


Well done on getting to week 7 and good to hear you are feeling so much better. Nice to read your reflections.


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