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Finding the right diet

Well over past 30 odd years I've tried every diet from Cambridge to slimming world to weight watchers. The diet I lost most successfully and for reasonable amount of time was on my own, calorie counting and going gym as motivation was strong as I was getting married! However even though it doesn't get rave reviews on the 10 diet reviews via nhs the one I'm on and strongly at last feel I will stay on is the Dukan diet. Just finished first stage of 5 days and now started the second where every other day I now eat vegetables, I was amazed I missed them so much lol so lets hope this is the lifetime change I'm aiming for :-)

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Taking into consideration you've had the pleasure of eating proteins consistently over the last 5 days i can completely understand why you've missed you're veg!

good luck.

i've skipped the phased piece and focusing on a 70% protein 20% Carbs and 10% Fat diet, or at least thereabouts.


Well on second stage now of alternating protein only days with protein and vegetable days so easier now! Lost 7 lbs so should now hopefully be a steady 1 to 2 lbs :-)


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