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Week Three

Week Three

Not sure if we are supposed to mention the 5:2 diet but if its good enough for Michael Moseley its good enough for me. Plus I needed something to kick start my new eating regime. Found it very difficult in week one but whatever I do to start a new way of eating is always difficult for the first three days and then it improves.

Now at week three and feel like I am getting into some sort of routine. Loving this free NHS Choices 12 week plan. Motivated by attending a festival in the summer and would love to be a stone lighter by then as that would make a big difference to how I feel.

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Hi swimmingbunny,

Mention the 5:2 diet if you like. There's still differing opinions about it - you could say that the jury's still out on that one.

In fact, there is some stuff about it on the NHSChoices pages - but it's not really very conclusive one way or another.


My doubt is that eating very little would surely drop your blood sugar and encourage your body into fat storage mode.

So, I do wonder if it's a particularly good and/or efficient way to get your body to burn fat.

For me, it all sounds a bit medieval, monastic, pentitential fast-llke. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong about that. But medieval monks didn't fast for weight loss purposes!


To be honest it is not a diet that appeals to me. But I do have friends who swear by it-but on fast days go to bed early so that don't think about food!!!!

I guess the adage is -if it works for you.......


I always thought 500 cals a day was so low to be ridiculous - in my current diet that is less than what I have for my dinner, never mind tea!

If people cope with it by going to bed early then it really is impacting on your lifestyle, in a negative way, and diets shouldn't do that. Another reason to stay away for me!


I know its not for everyone, but for me it has helped me kick start my nw way of eating.

Dont intend to carry it on for too long and I always adapt and mix things up anyway. I am probably having about 700-800 cals on my 'fasting' days and I always make huge VATs of vegetable soup to fill up on so I am not really doing too much penance!!

Havent had too much time to surf this site yet - are there any daily/weekly menu planners does anyone know, I quite like those for new ideas.


BBC Good Food magazine has a summer healthy eating plan - you don't need to buy the mag, just go to the website & sign up for free!


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