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Monday weigh-in is now in session!

Morning folks!

How are you all doing on your weight loss journeys?

Use this blog post to share:

-your up-to-date weight status

-any weight loss achievements

-stories of resilience and self-determination

-any food and/or activity slip ups

-your goals for the coming week

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Well I am first up - I have managed to shave off a pound - this makes a total of three pounds since 1 March. Had a bit of a haphazard week - so I guess I should be pleased. (Net gain since xmas about four pounds). Bit disappointed - but nonetheless a loss this week is hard won progress. So I have no distractions this week - so in theroy- can just count calories and hopefully more progress next week.

I am upping the exercise quota - and actually want to do this as opposed to 'I should'. Pretty much got diet sorted. So everything going in the right direction - just rather painful slow progress.

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I have lost a kilo,

Super pleased about this!

Not sure how to put it in records. Can you help?


-75.6kg (up 1kg from last week), but measurements are all DOWN and the weight gain most likely water retention from TOTM

-Have managed to regularly increase the distance I'm able to swim and decrease the amount of rest time

-I'm not letting the number on the scales get me down and focussing on other signs of progress, such as my waist to height ratio being 'good' at 0.48, and my waist to hip ratio on the border between 'good' and 'excellent' at 0.75!

-Overate an indian takeaway on Saturday night, but what I ate were all healthy options (a balti with lots of chunky veg instead of tikka masala, and steamed spiced spinach, lentils, and cauliflower), and I kept running to the kitchen last night for little handfuls of bran flakes, which was just odd.

-Weekly goals: swim once, jog twice, and walk the dog as much as possible. Also, avoid temptations like takeaways!


Lost 1.5lbs and half cm from waist. :)

Goals for this week - use the wii-fit balance board, especially yoga and aerobic to add to my exercise bike routine.

Diet will be limited (not by choice) this week and next to soups, yogurts and slimfast again, but maybe thats not a bad thing in the short term!


well its week 11.

i haven't been too good this week so am very pleased to still have lost 1lb. must try harder next week. on the down side i couldn't exercise last week as i put my back out on tuesday xx so this week i am going to be really good and try and loss the 2lb and then thats my 2 stone done. So might have to think of the next target xx

good luck everyone xx


I have gained almost 3 pounds this week, but it was due to my 'time of the month'. Feeling more positive today that next week will be better.

Good luck to everyone for this week. :-)


i just finished week 2 and weighed in at 2lbs4 lighter than last week bringing my two week total to 3lbs11 loss :)

last week i felt sick as a pig as my body struggled to keep up with the amount of food and water i was consuming, i only managed an hour and half of exercise on saturday and even at that it was swimming with the kids so not as intense as id have liked

im loving the my fitness app asit keeps me on track and lets me predict my meal choices last minute as well as in advance.


lost about 3 pounds since I started in February. I have continue doing lots of cardio mainly because I have no time for gym. I have been doing the 5K running. every other day but my back went into spasm and can not run today. Not been cycling for about a week as weather is rubbish at the moment.


Weigh in at the gym for the start of week 9, now 78 kilos. Was surprised by this as I had not done any running last week [ knee playing up a bit ] had 2 sessions at the gym plus swimming.Goal for this week is to increase strength exercises. Hope you all have a good week :)


Really bad cold this week. Feel that I have put on some weight due to cough medicine and throat pastilles, and not following any sensible eating pattern.. Will really try to get back to calorie counting tomorrow and weigh in again next Monday.


first week weight in - 4lbs lost, still 4 lb net gain since christmas, but half way there! Need to be good very this week as away on holiday next week. Plenty of Lake district walks, but also pub lunches and and vino! Still... this blog has really helped over the past week and hope it will continue while away.


OK, figures for end week 6:

Weight (lbs): 168.4 >>> 166.6

Waist (in): 39 >>> 38

BMI: 27.96 >>> 27.62

So 1.8lb loss and 1 inch loss off waist.

As for my other goals, I managed a weights session once, and managed a short 5 minute run on Friday. Cross trainer seems really boring to me so I have kept it steady at 10 minutes rather than upping to 15.


>2lb weight loss

>2 weight sessions this week

>Build up walking and running now injury has almost abated.

Total loss week 1 >>> week 6 = 11lbs


Coo - this is brilliant well done you keep up the good work


I think you're all stars, so honest about your progress and measurements and even if you've had a bit of a relapse. Wishing you lots of success! Just felt it needed saying after reading your comments.


Up a half pound this week which is disappointing but not unexpected as there were two birthdays, an indian meal and wine! renewed efforts in the coming week....


My opening salvo last week was 19st 2lbs - target is 14st by March 2015. So weigh in today was 18st 12lbs - caused by dog walking and my TV bicycle - usually do 5kms per evening whilst reading. When I get to 100kgs whatever that is in English money I'll get a proper sit-on bike! Must lose more weight for my graduation at Bham in July. Main reason for enormous gain was I stopped smoking after 55 years on Good Friday at 10.57am. So far no more cigs but wrong food


Hi to Administrat/ors


Is this where I post weight I'm a newbie



We have different places for different days; here's the place for Monday pm:

See you there! 😊


Hi, this is my fourth week, last week I weighed in at 10st 8lb this week it's 10st 7.5lb, slow but at least in the right direction 5lb in total. Have really got to put a bit more oomph into this a try for at least 1lb next week

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Hello Annde70

This is an old weigh-in thread and not in use any more. I'm afraid Mondays and Tuesdays are over subscribed so you will need wait until Wednesday. The weigh-in threads are posted in the 'events' section on the 'home' page.

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Best wishes



Anna I have been posting on the Monday thread for three weeks now, but now I just can't find it

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