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Progress report

End of week 4

Weight loss 1.5 lb total loss so far 9.5 lb

Waist lost half cm so total loss 4cm

Been a hard week though. I have eaten a lot of comfort food but counted calories strictly. To avoid the risk of dislodging a temporary (silicone type) filling, the Dentist told me to avoid hard foods which I did, opting for a soft roll for tea last night over my usual ryvita. Guess who swallowed the temporary filling too so I face another dental appointment this afternoon. The onlay/crown thingummy wont be ready for 2 weeks so another temp filling. Yippee!

Looks like slimfast for lunch AGAIN! I hate that stuff.

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Well give yourself a pat on the back - I would be very de-motivated with the tooth thing - but you have managed to lose this week- which is billant news- Stay in the zone. You have much to be positive about looking at your results - so hang on in there.


Hi TubbyTil,

There's always the WeightWatchers soups - perhaps not ideal, but useful for such emergencies. They're a smallish tin, too.

At least they might make a change.


Thanks Doikosp, will give them a go! Theres only so much slimfast and yogurt a girl can stand :)


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