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The scale vs. measurements

I've gained 1kg this week. At the risk of being TMI, it's also that time of the month. My previous 2 monthlies came with a STS and a gain of 0.1kg, so this isn't quite consistent with the past, but not out of the ordinary from what I've read.

I was insanely diligent every weekday last week, and then on Saturday I was moody and I did not stick to my daily WW points because we got an Indian take away, and while I chose the healthiest options possible and went without naan or rice, I ate too much. I went past 'full' because it was so delicious. All in all, though, I had a very good week food-wise, and I went for 3 epic swims, I walked the dog, I did yoga, and today I gained 1kg.

I could let that get me down, but instead I will also share that my waist is 79cm, down from 80.5cm two weeks ago (89cm at start), my bust is 102cm down from 103cm (110cm at start), my hips are 105cm down from 107cm (113cm at start), and my thigh is 60.5cm down from 61cm (65cm at start).

So, since 15 January, the scale says I've only lost 2.9kg, but my measurements lost are:

Bust: 8cm

Waist: 10cm

Hips: 8cm

Thigh: 4.5cm

Believe it or not, I was feeling quite down on myself when I started writing this blog post, but just typing it out has made the most wonderful difference. I'm proud of what I'd accomplished so far, as people don't see the number on the scale - they see my proportions shifting, my waist shrinking, and how happy that makes me.

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well done, a real achievement. Your losing the size isn't that a great feeling. Your doing the exercise and your body is changing. .fat around the abdomen is the most dangerous and for most people that hardest or last to go, and wow you've moved the belt 10 cm.

Now i'm sure that you as a lady don't need any excuse or encouragement to go shopping for new clothes, but i bet that thought was running through your mind very quickly after writing your post.

Seriously well done and seems like you've got the drive and will power to deal with the journey.

Good luck


Thank you! I do feel great just looking at the measurement losses. I have bought a couple things in a size 14, which is extremely exciting, but I can't afford to do much clothes shopping at the moment, although I'm happy to report that my wedding dress has already been taken in 10cm! It has a lace up back, though, and I can stand to lose another 3-4cm on my waist without any problems, and it would be lovely to reach that as it would mean being a size 12 in my favourite clothing brand!



I knew there was clothes and some shopping in the back of your mind, thats fantastic, i have no doubt that the 3- 4 cm are just around the corner. All brides look beautiful on their wedding day, you will just be a lean stunningly beautiful one, and be fit so maybe you will carry the hubby across the threshold lol

good luck


Hah!! I think he'd need to lose a couple lbs, too, for me to accomplish that! He's only just starting to get there, though (just as a fringe benefit of my cooking healthier meals).



Well you show him the way and chase him up and down the pool, or train the dog to chase him.

i've been tempted to join the yoga class, but as the only guy i don't know if i'm shy or just darn scared. take him to yoga and tell me how he got on, let him be the guinea pig


Hi eechristmas,

I gained 0.1 Kg between Sunday and Monday mornings.

I've got some sort of virus thing that seems to be doing the rounds and - although it was all good healthy stuff, fish, fruit, veg mainly and no 'naughties' - I actually ate quite a lot yesterday. In fact, I seem to have eaten almost every couple of hours or so.

About the first time on this journey that I've felt hungry at all.

In my case, I think it's connected with this bug.


I hope you're feeling better soon, Doikosp. When you're sick you really have to make sure your body gets what it needs, so I wouldn't sweat the temporary blip. Good luck!


Hi eechristmas,

It is also my 'time of the month', and I have gained just under 3 pounds this week! I felt quite grotty for a couple of days and ended up over-eating as a result. I was reluctant to come to the Monday 'weigh-in' today, because it feels soul destroying to have gained so much in one week, as it seems to take so long to take it off again, but I am hoping that if I get 'back on track' that things will resolve and the excess weight will go away again. It was good to see your post, because it enabled me to rationalise my own weight gain. Well done on your improvements in your measurements.

Doikosp, I hope you feel better soon.


Don't lose heart - I know it is easy to do so as. As Doikosp would say look at the overall picture and stay on the weight loss bus.

Good luck for next week.x


It's never a good idea to skip a weigh-in. It's always best to take stock of where you are and not slip into fear of the scales, as you could then develop denial and slip back into old habits slowly.

The thing about TOTM weight gain is that it's mostly water retention, so it really should go away quite quickly in the following week. The uncontrollable urge to stuff my face with food, though... that's a tough one :) Last night it was me grabbing little handfuls of bran flakes to munch on. Sure it's not unhealthy really, but I probably didn't need it.


Thanks for the encouraging words, Suzybenj and Eechristmas. I will definitely try to stay on the weight loss bus, as I am keen to reach the destination of a healthy BMI. Good luck to you all. :-)


We all need encouraging words sometimes, and I think that's what's so great about this community! Good luck :)


I think that must just be the way it works for some people.

You've lost much more in your measurements than I have, and although I have lost a lot of weight, my hopes of getting in to a size 14 are a couple of weeks off yet.


It's so weird, isn't it? I can only hope that I'm building muscle up and that's why my weight isn't going down. To be honest, I'm feeling good, which is the most important part. It's tough not seeing the number go down on the scale, but because I see other progress, I'm not so bothered.

You'll get to size 14 soon, don't worry! I'm not fully there yet. My bust is still 3cm too big to be a size 14 at Hobbs, even though my waist and hips are now 2cm less than 14 is listed in their size guide. Looking at other shops I'm not even close: according to the gap I'm actually BIGGER than a 16 by 1/2cm at the waist, but I'll focus on Hobbs :)


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