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Ed of Week 5 - no time this week!

No hope this week, work and home commitments off the scale, didn't even get to boots to use the scales. Next week will be back on track as youth group sessions now complete so I will have more time for myself

Only Success - Zumba and yogalates session midweek (one straight after the other)

Failures - Off plan this week, not prepared, too busy and getting over-hungry makes it difficult to stay on track, No Couch to 5K runs,

Friday 8th Feb 75.3 KG BF 42.5 percent BMI 31.3 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 15

Friday 8th Mar 73.5 KG BF 42 percent BMI 30. Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Friday 14th Mar - don't know, no Weigh in

Best of luck to everyone, just Keep on Keeping On!!

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Hi bizzyb,

Sounds like you've been living up to your screen name!

These things happen. Don't bash yourself up about it, just keep riding the weight loss bus and get things back on course as soon as you can.

The getting over-hungry thing can easily de-rail you. And that's a big part of the logic of the advice to snack.

Perhaps have some sort of 'emergency snack' thing secreted away somewhere. I keep some Atkins bars (low carb, higher protein) in the car glove box to skate the hunger away and divert me from stopping somewhere for a tea/coffee and 'something'. (Which we all know will be something with much more calories in it than I really wanted!)

Usually, a bite or two of a bar suffices as an emergency snack, if all the other options have gone awry.

Good luck.


Thanks D,

I am trying to build myself up a "library" of healthy stuff I really like that's quick to prepare and easy to pick up, I have to crack the "I'm too busy" issue in the long run.


Hi bizzyb,

As your new ways of doing things - of eating and exercise/activity - become increasingly your norm, you will find ways around the "I'm too busy" thing.

One of the things about the weight-loss journey is that you usually get better at eating properly and being active as you journey along.

You get smarter about it all too.

On much the same way as someone who's learning to play a new musical instrument, say a guitar, more and more gets the 'feel' of how to play it as they practice.

And remember it is a journey of re-training. You probably got overweight by, in effect, teaching yourself to eat too much of the wrong things and be too sedentary.

So, as you re-train yourself to be a normal weight person, you'll become increasingly slick at it all.


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