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What a horrible week!!!!!!!!!

I've had a rotten week this week, my daughter had been off school ill, i had a cold and work was just way too stressful. I have just felt over whelmed with everything. I sat in my car on Thursday and felt an over whelming urge to cry, about what i don't know. I am thinking the major problem is that i've been getting more and more run down with a cold and i would normally feed that with food but i resisted and won. i lost a pound at my weigh in on Thursday f which i was happy with as that is 35ib. However as i have felt so low, i decided to treat myself yesterday, i went out for a naughty lunch with my other half, last night i then had a rather huge piece of choloate cake, crisps, pringles, popcorn, more or less whatever i wanted.

However this morning, i feel much better and not even slightly guilty yesterday was exactly what i needed. I think sometimes you have to look after yourself an sod the diet/lifestyle change. I probabally shouldn't have done it as im getting married in 8 weeks but ha ho, here's to a new day.

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Well done you!

Sounds like you've got whatever it was out of you system. Roll on another week and good luck with the weight loss for your wedding.

Happy healthy eating (&if it works for you, the odd indulgence)!


Thank you, i might regret it next week when i hit the scales but never mind

take care


Hi ratbag24,

I have found that having a cold-type infection often results in me having a biip in my weight loss.

As for comfort-eating. Well, perhaps - just perhaps - part of your lifestyle change may be to wake up to the fact that eating isn't the only source of 'comfort'.

Think about that one slowly and carefully!

So, you may want to chose healthier 'alternatives' to eating when you needing comforting

(I guess it's a bit like finding those healthier alternatives to those chocolate bar snacks, I suppose).

I'll give you a clue - it might help you burn off some calories, too.

Bet you'll find you don't need to comfort-eat so much.


I completly understand what you are trying to say, I have been running now for around nine months and i still enjoy it but i only get to go twice a week these days due to other commitments. I do get a lot out of excercise but my blip was comfort eating as well as I feel that i haven't been eating enough and i had been running on empty for most of the week, i knew that earlier in the week but obviously didn't listen to my body as i think you should do sometimes. I couldn't maintain my willpower/lifestyle without the occassional blip. As the rest of the time, i don't miss the unhealthy food, i rarely snack and when i do it is unsually ryvita, yoghurt and fruit. Yesterday was what i needed and it might show on the scales but do you know what it was worth it emotionally


Hi ratbag24,

What we usually do as humans is learn at an early stage that needing / wanting comfort equals food.

As a baby, we're distressed, so Mum feeds us at her breast and that's all feels warm, safe and involves food.

As we get a bit older - only too often in many families - childhood distress or upset is followed by the adult reaction of "There, there, there, here's a bag of sweeties, or let's go and have an ice-cream, or why don't you have that nice cake there to cheer you up? etc., etc.

And so - we kind of get 'trained' to associate need for comfort with food. And also, often that can be with rather fatty or sweet food.

But actually, as adults, the two things not really directly linked. In fact, in some ways comfort eating could almost be described as 'age-inappropriate'.

And in the days before sugar and all that sort of stuff before sweet shops, Cadbury's and all of those, we would probably have grown out of that 'link' in our childhood. Comfort food would have been some berries (and not necessarily very sweet ones) or maybe some milk, or perhaps, very rarely, some honey.

But we all do need comfort. We all need support and reassurance and hugs and cuddles, etc., etc. That's just part of our human psychological and emotional needs.

It's just that the need for comfort doesn't actually equate to a need for food. Hunger is the need for food.

Perhaps coincidentally, some of society's other "bad" habits might also be linked to that. Drinking (alcohol) is pretty close to eating. And smoking is about putting things into your mouth, too.

Of course, in some families, it's more a case of 'Lets go swimming to cheer you up, or let's play football, or build something with your Meccano set, or have a nice apple'.

And some of that depends upon the generation you grew up in, too.


Okay point taken, that is definatly food for thought no punn intended!!!!!!!!!


Hi there, ratbag24 I totally understand where you are coming from, I too have bad days, at the end of the day if you are determined to lose the weight you will, don't punish yourself. You are now over this little indiscretion so onward and upwards, very good luck to you.

xx maggie


Thank you Maggie123, weightloss is very hard to achieve and at the end of the day we are only human and if i do put on this week well it's not the end of the world.

take care Jenny x


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