And suddenly .... it's Friday again!

Hi Folks,

Well I've weighed in at 94.0 Kgs which is quite a bit less than last Friday's 95.7, but that in itself was a bit of an odd upwards blip - I really don't know the whys and wherefores - and in fact I'm only a bit over 2 Kgs down over the last two weeks.

All of which is just fine.

That makess me 12 Kgs (about 1 st 12 lbs) down at the end of week 9, which is a bit too fast really, but as I'm feeling fit and comfortable with it and not tired, listless, sick or giddy or things like that, then I'm not too bothered.

I did lose a couple of days exercise, due to various other demands upon my time, but I got back into that this morning.

Hope everyone is doing well with their journeys.


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4 Replies

  • Well done! That's really good and I think the activity is really key - if nothing else, it leaves less time to eat :)

    I still count in pounds and can't remember exactly when I started as I kind of drifted into it in the new year, I'm taking mid Jan as my starting point and probably weighed myself after I had already lost the first weeks extra water.

    I'd say I am probably about 9 weeks into it now and have lost just over 16lbs - I am really please with myself. Now that I have done the first stone - I am now aiming at actual weights - next target is 14 stone - (4 and a half pounds to go to that one) - then I'll aim for my 2nd stone after that i think.

    I would truly love to be into the normal category by my holidays at the beginning of July. I reckon that is 2 stone away still.

    Really trying to view this as a way of life now rather than a short term thing for my hols though. Must also start with some kind of toning exercise - I'm 46 going on 47 so I guess the skin isn't going to just bounce back and I don't want to end up looking like I am wearing a baggy suit of skin.

  • Hi annie0000

    Now that is one subject I know absolutely zilch about - the extra folds of skin.

    Must do some research on that at some point.

  • Well done Doikosp and Annie0000,

    You are both doing really well and your weight loss is briliant.

    I have had a couple of bad weeks, so I haven't weighed myself today, I don't want to have that feeling of disapointment if I have put on weight. I have been doing a work-out every day since Monday with hand-weights so that's making me feel really up-beat.

    Look forward to the information regarding folds of skin in due course.

  • Hi legs2013,

    It like any new exercise regime (or indeed like changing your eating habits) it's always takes a bit of effort at first.

    In a few weeks time you be chucking those weights about like you'd been doing it for years!

    Good luck.

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