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And suddenly .... it's Friday again!

Hi Folks,

Well I've weighed in at 94.0 Kgs which is quite a bit less than last Friday's 95.7, but that in itself was a bit of an odd upwards blip - I really don't know the whys and wherefores - and in fact I'm only a bit over 2 Kgs down over the last two weeks.

All of which is just fine.

That makess me 12 Kgs (about 1 st 12 lbs) down at the end of week 9, which is a bit too fast really, but as I'm feeling fit and comfortable with it and not tired, listless, sick or giddy or things like that, then I'm not too bothered.

I did lose a couple of days exercise, due to various other demands upon my time, but I got back into that this morning.

Hope everyone is doing well with their journeys.

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Well done! That's really good and I think the activity is really key - if nothing else, it leaves less time to eat :)

I still count in pounds and can't remember exactly when I started as I kind of drifted into it in the new year, I'm taking mid Jan as my starting point and probably weighed myself after I had already lost the first weeks extra water.

I'd say I am probably about 9 weeks into it now and have lost just over 16lbs - I am really please with myself. Now that I have done the first stone - I am now aiming at actual weights - next target is 14 stone - (4 and a half pounds to go to that one) - then I'll aim for my 2nd stone after that i think.

I would truly love to be into the normal category by my holidays at the beginning of July. I reckon that is 2 stone away still.

Really trying to view this as a way of life now rather than a short term thing for my hols though. Must also start with some kind of toning exercise - I'm 46 going on 47 so I guess the skin isn't going to just bounce back and I don't want to end up looking like I am wearing a baggy suit of skin.


Hi annie0000

Now that is one subject I know absolutely zilch about - the extra folds of skin.

Must do some research on that at some point.


Well done Doikosp and Annie0000,

You are both doing really well and your weight loss is briliant.

I have had a couple of bad weeks, so I haven't weighed myself today, I don't want to have that feeling of disapointment if I have put on weight. I have been doing a work-out every day since Monday with hand-weights so that's making me feel really up-beat.

Look forward to the information regarding folds of skin in due course.


Hi legs2013,

It like any new exercise regime (or indeed like changing your eating habits) it's always takes a bit of effort at first.

In a few weeks time you be chucking those weights about like you'd been doing it for years!

Good luck.


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